Robin Thicke shares “Paula” Album Cover and Tracklist

Written By: Tiara Shae


Robin Thicke releases the track list and album cover for his upcoming album, “Paula”. The personal album includes 14 tracks all dedicated to Robin’s high school sweet heart and wife, Paula Patton. Unfortunately, Robin and Paula have been separated for 5 months after being married for 8 years. Some track names include; “Love Can Grow Back”, “Forever Love”, and his current single, “Get Her Back”. Robin performed “Get Her Back” live at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. “Paula” is set to release July 1st of this year.


Let’s be honest here: this album is sure to have some incredible and deep tracks, but something about this album just seems too easy. Obviously this album is Robin Thicke’s way of showcasing his longing for Paula Patton, but something just doesn’t seem genuine. For the past 7 albums that Robin has released, Thicke has never been afraid to write about his woman and never held back to show her off in his videos. Paula’s nude body is practically the cover of his first album, “A Beautiful World”. Although the gesture is extremely romantic and thoughtful, Paula is used to hearing songs written about her.


What is it REALLY going to take for Robin Thicke to win Paula back?

  1. Give her some space. Again, Robin and Paula have been together since they were 14 years old. They have been through a ton of life together. Paula may just want to be with herself, and get to know herself again. She needs some space. They both need time to heal.
  2. Stop “begging”. Paula knows that Robin genuinely loves her and that he will do anything to “Get Her Back”, but the public begging may not be the way to go. Paula needs to make the decision to go back on her own or with close friends and family. Perhaps she doesn’t want all of Robin Thicke’s stans to be in her face trying to fuse them back together.
  3. Start over. After some time has passed, start all over. Robin should get to know Paula again. He messed up big, allegedly. All Paula can probably see is Robin’s ego trying to win her back. Once they have had some time to a part to get over the alleged betrayal, Robin can use that smooth and suave personality to win his true love back.

How do you guys feel about Robin Thicke dedicating his album to Paula Patton?


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