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Romeo Miller Gets Mixed Reactions After Revealing His New Rumored Girlfriend

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Romeo Miller is probably somewhere #unbothered while trying to convince people why ICDC is  better than your school.

While not everyone in America is a fan of interracial relationships, some people simply don’t care and perhaps that acknowledgment needs further pushing. There will always be a thin line between having a preference versus supporting a prejudice.

When it comes to black men, there’s always some who enjoy dating across the entire color spectrum. Others prefer black women only – whether light, dark or brown – and then you have those who enjoy dating outside of their race.

What has been problematic and debatable, within the black community, is why certain black men choose to date white women as if there is a shortage of “good” black women? Should we add why some “good” black women continuously overlook actual “good” black men? A topic of its own on another day. Moving on…

The imagery of an attractive, successful and financially stable black man, choosing a white woman, can sometimes promote a disheartening picture. That “picture” can incur vast responses and opinions as it pertains to history, pop culture and other generalizations that have systematically loomed over black and white relationships.

So what happens when a handful of black women, who follow you on Instagram, provides opinionated-commentary as to “why” bae just so happens to be an attractive white woman? Just ask Romeo Miller.

According to Madame Noire, followers of Romeo Miller found it dis-interesting that Miller is rumored to be dating Toneata Morgan.  After a run in with TMZ photographers, the Miss CA Teen USA pageant contestant was dubbed by Miller as “This is my beautiful girl. Her name is Toneata, not just a ‘new blonde.” He then gave Morgan a kiss in front of the cameras.

Morgan is a current college student (not ICDC) and a fourth runner up beauty queen contestant. She’s also **drum rolls**…a blonde. MN also reports that the two recently shot a commercial for ICDC.

Miller uploaded a picture of he and Morgan on IG. It was met with less than favorable remarks by “some” women of color:

(Photo : Instagram)

Instagram commentary included:

“U are #unfollowed @romeomiller”

“Now yall know  rich black men don’t date black women anymore,…smh”

“He just lost a follow and all cool points”

“Welp, thr goes another 1…”

“Our black men need to wake up!!”

“What the hell is going on with our black men!?!?!”

“You’re a fraud a** hick for this sh*t”

And then there were those who showed support in Miller’s choice:

“I didn’t even have a chance. Why she gotta be white tho? You couldn’t get a Caribbean girl like myself? Or a Brazilian? Or a Spanish chick? My apologies, I’m just over all of our black men choosing to be with white women as if black women carry the plague or something. After so much oppression to the black race it would be nice to see more black love. I believe in interracial couples, but only for the right reasons. Not because you think a white women[sic] is better than a black one.”

“Smh…not once I seen a ‘sistah’ on your arms”

“Welp…another one who went “left”, lol…”

There was also those who responded favorably in Miller’s choice:

“Be happy ! Who cares what race….people just love to be negative. She’s beautiful!”

“Who you like is who you like. I have always loved black men, but I recognize the beauty in every race and every culture. It is a preference. A black man wanting a non black woman does not bother me unless he demeans black women and tries to say they are beneath other races of women…There is too much focus on race. The soul of a person has no color. A beautiful soul outweighs physical beauty.”

“I love how the first people to yell racism are the first people to hate on an interracial couple”

“Yes it’s his girlfriend. If he is happy, you should be happy for him”

Check out the clip below of Miller and Morgan:

Whether or not you agree with one’s choice for companionship, it’s still something that everybody will yearn for. We weren’t designed not to desire love or relationships.

There may never be a speech in the world to “make” someone understand why or who we choose for a mate. Colorism will never define one’s ability to love.

However, it is always an honor and a great opportunity when one can feed his or her heart with a partner willing  to understand the complexities of emotionalism while working daily to make it whole. Not everyone affords themselves the opportunity to receive love .

There are people who pitch the idea of having a relationship and once you decide to participate, you can find yourself trying to cater to the idealistic dreams of a person whose definition of love – lives behind rose colored glasses.

Bask in a celebratory way when someone can gain a relationship. There are people with hearts that have been shattered who wants their hope reignited.

Oh and SN: Teonata is an attractive girl with a name that screams a “sista,girl” moment…jut a tad bit.

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