RonReaco Lee

Actor RonReaco Lee “Survives” Over 30 Years in the Entertainment Industry

RonReaco Lee

Over 30 years in television and film summarizes the career of actor RonReaco Lee. Consistently working since the age of 9-years-old, he has racked up credits in the BET original comedy Let’s Stay Together, the Academy award-winning film Glory, and Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail, just to name a few. Currently, he stars in the STARZ comedic-series Survivor’s Remorse, a show that depicts the life of a professional basketball player whose family is constantly taking advantage of him.

In Survivor’s Remorse RonReaco plays Reggie Vaughn, the cousin, and manager to Cam Calloway, who is portrayed by Jessie T. Usher. Cam and his family must adjust to life outside of the Boston projects after he signs a contract to play pro ball in Atlanta. Out of all of Cam’s family members, Reggie is the dependable one. Often the voice of reason, Reggie is tasked with handling Cam’s career and basically babysitting the young athlete. He’s also responsible for the rest of the family, making him the center of the Calloways and the entire series.

Joining RonReaco and Jessie in the main cast is Tichina Arnold as Cam’s mother Cassie. His older sister Mary Charles, aka M-Chuck, is portrayed by Erica Ash. Breakout star of the independent film Dear White People and Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, Teyonah Parris, plays Reggie’s wife Missy Vaughn. Last year, the show ended its third season, which focused on the family dealing with the loss of Uncle Julius, played by Mike Epps.

The fourth season dives further into the family origins of Cam, Reggie, and M-Chuck. The first three episodes of the new season will deal with M-Chuck’s search for her biological father. Some episodes will explore Reggie’s relationship with his father who’s a recovering alcoholic. While others will give some background on Cam’s father who’s an inmate in Boston.

RonReaco Lee

RonReaco’s acting career began at an early age when his family moved from Decatur, Illinois to Atlanta, GA. He began taking modeling classes as a Summer activity, which led to him participating in acting classes at Atlanta’s infamous Alliance Theatre. His talent would quickly earn him an agent and a spot on the cast of Return of the Swamp Thing. The film was shot only 4 hours away in Savannah, GA and featured famed actress Heather Locklear.

From there he went on to appear in the film Glory which featured actors Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, alongside Matthew Broderick. RonReaco continued to act until he took a break in 1994. He later returned to acting in 1996 and shot How I Spent My Summer Vacation with writer and friend John Fisher. His renewed love in acting prompted him to move to Los Angeles in 1997 to continue acting full-time as an adult.

Before deciding to continue his career as an actor, RonReaco took a shot at the simple life. He had begun college and managed a daycare at a gym. His experience as an actor allowed him to use his storytelling skills to connect with children. At the same time, he was responsible for a staff, payroll, and inventory at the age of 19-years-old; pointing him towards a career in Early Childhood Development.

After his move to Los Angeles, he was cast in a few television series and films before joining the cast of Sister, Sister as the love interest of Tia Landry, play by Tia Mowry. Ironically, Tia and Tamera Mowry have recently expressed their desire to create a reboot of their popular television series. Though RonReaco has yet to receive a call about possibly reuniting with his old cast, he thinks that bringing the show back is an excellent idea. And if a call ever does come for him to reprise his role as Tyreke, he couldn’t imagine saying ‘no’ to the offer.

RonReaco Lee

Around 2008, he returned to Atlanta to film Madea Goes To Jail. Being back in the city reminded RonReaco of how he was always captivated by the abundance of affluent African Americans who lived fulfilling lives in the city. The 40-year-old currently resides in Atlanta with his wife and two children.

Living in Atlanta has allowed him to continue the advancement of his career while enjoying the simple life with his family. Like most actors, RonReaco sometimes has to travel away from his family to film projects. However, it helps that shows like Let’s Stay Together, The Quad, Complications, and Survivor’s Remorse were all filmed close to home in Atlanta.

Throughout his entire career, Ronreaco’s family has been a major pillar in his life, providing him support when he needs it the most. It was the sacrifices of his mother and father that made it possible for him to become a successful actor. They’ve stood by him, encouraged him, and helped him navigate his way through life. Through family connections, he was able to meet his wife and eventually create his own family. Now, he has the opportunity to do what his parents did for his own children.

RonReaco Lee

The fourth season of Survivor’s Remorse airs beginning August 20 STARZ. Watch as RonReaco’s character Reggie continues to build the Calloway legacy, all while tackling his father issues and remaining the backbone of his family. And that’s if the antics of his crazy family doesn’t manage to drive him insane. Either way, it will be quite amusing to see how the Calloways and Vaughs decide to deal with their issues this season.

Written by: Martel Sharpe

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