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Hollywood Hitter! Rotimi Kills It In Latest Season of “Power!”

Hollywood Hitter! Rotimi Kills It In Latest Season of “Power!”

rotimiWritten By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

When it comes to the giants of television. There are just a few giants currently dominating the scene and Starz’ Power is definitely on top of that list. For five years now the series following the life and criminal activity of a drug lord doubling as a legitimate businessman and night club owner has set our summers ablaze! Every character on Power is riveting, but few drive the plot or serve as the complex villain you love to hate like “Dre Coleman,” played by actor and artist, Rotimi. Rotimi continues to slay the entertainment industry like Dre continuing to slay his competition–literally–on his rise to the top. Kontrol Magazine caught up with Rotimi as he not only gives us a few details on Season 5, but news on his new music and “Marvel”-ous dreams!

On the last season of Power, Dre had set himself up to become the new kingpin of New York’s drug underworld, summarily squeezing Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) out of the game, and double-crossed  Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson); forcing the three men into an unholy alliance. Let’s also not forget he lead Ghost’s son, Tariq  Dre indeed became persona non grata on the show, but Rotimi attests he is completely okay with his character’s development. “Dre is hungry. You know he came from nothing, he’s always worked under someone, and now he wants that power and all the prestige that comes along with it to himself…the way he goes about it though is questionable, but you can just see over the years how he gone from hitman and lieutenant to the main man…He’s also learned a lot from seeing them [Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan] in action; so they kind of all made him.” We definitely agree with Rotimi’s assessment of Dre. He is as cunning as Ghost, as well-connected as Tommy, and as ruthless as Kanan.

Rotimi reveals we will only continue to hate Dre more this upcoming season as he is unrelenting and unrepentant in his quest for power. “Dre [he laughs] just won’t stop and one of the things I notice this season is he is a lot smarter and calculating. Now that he’s the boss it’s like he’s playing chess, realizing every single move he makes has a consequence…I’m really excited for the fans to see him this season. It’s going to be so lit!” We definitely feel Dre is going to be THE driving force behind all the drama this season. After all, Ghost and Kanan are mortal enemies. If they consider him a big enough threat to to unite and take out then you know he is serious business. We are not sure if Dre will make out of this season alive, but if he does Rotimi assures us he would happily be a part of a sixth season! “Yeah, I’d definitely do another season of the show–if my Dre makes it [he laughs]. You know ‘Power’ keeps a body count [he laughs again]. This show put me on, so I’m with it as long as they’ll have me.”

Although we love Rotimi as Dre, we love his music even more! He is hands down one of the best rappers we have heard in quite some time and he continues to wow us with his bars, rhymes, and beats. His last album, Jeep Music, Volume 1, has been met with mostly rave reviews. He assures us he has new music on the way to be released later this year. “I’m never going to be done with music and I have some new stuff on the way that will be coming out soon, possibly later this year…I’m really loving that people respect and appreciate my acting and musical talents. I have some really die hard fans out there.”

They say you know you have it all when you stop dreaming. We beg to differ, and Rotimi seems to as well. Sure, he is on a popular television show and is an amazing artist, but he wants more. As aforementioned he wants the “Marvel”-ous life! A rumor has been swirling that Marvel Studios has been eyeing him for a role in the upcoming Black Panther sequel where he will claim the role of Brother Voodoo a superhero and sorcerer who has worked with Black Panther on many occasions, is an Avenger, and once held Doctor Strange’s title of “Sorcerer Supreme” in the comics. Dre was amazed to hear the rumor, but unfortunately had to dispel it. “It’s definitely true that I have been wanting to play a comic book character for awhile and with me being Nigerian, ‘Black Panther’ would be right up my alley. ..I’m a big Marvel fan! I’ve never heard of him [Brother Voodoo] but yo I would definitely be down to playing him [he laughs].” Let’s hope Rotimi will soon be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first acting, rapping, and magical superhero!

Rotimi will never be stopped. When you’re as charismatic, talented, and determined as this guy; then the sky really is the limit. We have been keeping up with him musically, professionally, and personally for years now and he is definitely on his way to being one of Hollywood’s leading men. “Never give up on your dreams. They’re yours and if you want this life you have got to do the work and take it. It’s really just that simple and that serious…”

Talent: Rotimi @rotimimusic
Photographer: Will Kennedy @imagesbykennedy
Wardrobe Stylist: Julian R. Lark @julianlark
Assistant: Jae Dumas @samplesize
Groomer: Brandy Wells @beautybusbybrandy
Creative Director: Chanan Kennedy @chanannicole 


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