Scandal Recap: An Innocent Man

By: Sebastien “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin

This episode of Scandal opens up with Olivia swimming in a pool tossing back and forth visualizing both Fitz and Jake. The irony was her father orders her to “wake up” at the end. As she woke up startled Abby runs into the room hearing the sound of her screams and gasping for air. The main focus was the innocence of a man wrongfully behind bars for the attempted assassination of a former president. The same can go for Jake and being accused of killing the president’s son.




Gets hired to assist Leonard Carnahan who is serving time for the assassination attempt of the late former president, Edward Randolph Cooper. Carnahan says he is innocent and explains his truth to Liv who decides to jump on board and help him out. She uses the strategy of murder charges filed against him to demand an autopsy of Cooper’s body. The bullet that was still Cooper’s head could possibly prove the truth he wasn’t the shooter.




Other known as Cyrus’ high class hooker is still up to no good. He passes pictures of he and Cyrus off to Liz along with info of the president’s plan to shudder some military bases. Lizzie passes the info over to the press only to have rumor mill go crazy.





Has officially returned to her senses in the episode and give us conscious fully aware FLOTUS. She’s now helping Bitsy the widow of late president Cooper with the funeral arrangements. Only to find out that Bitsy really couldn’t care any less. She reveals how she was the brains and master mind behind everything her husband did. Her story resonated a lot with how Mellie has felt throughout the series.





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Shows Liv proof that Jake was behind the death of Fitz’s son. This does little to dissuade her desire to see him. Fitz later meets with Rowan. The president declares that Jake will be tried in a court of law. That’s not something Rowan wants, so he manipulates Fitz into letting Olivia see Jake.





Finds her voice this episode and lets Fitz have it straight forward. She defends her friendship with Liv by questioning Fitz about the whereabouts of Jake. She explained how it was plan wrong for what he was doing. Abby points everything out from his bruised knuckles to his attitude.




He finally gets the chance to see Olivia, but is badly beaten. His only request is that his mother is taken care of. He is convinced that he is going to die and tells Liv about an account he has and understands that Liv will not choose him in the end. Sad, but he’s ok with it. All he only wants for his family to be fine.




He gets his hands on Jake and mentions how he played the president like a toy.




Has found an interest in video games and seems somewhat unattached to anything that’s going on




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Quinn finds the mystery locker. Inside are hundreds of photos. They are all of Olivia. It’s as if someone is hunting her. As for Olivia, she’s out for a swim. Her earlier dream partially comes true when Rowan shows up at the pool. He’s ticked that his daughter crossed him. Olivia intervened to save both Jake and Fitz. She says, “You may be Command, Dad, but I have weapons at my disposal. Weapons you can’t possibly possess.” Then she swims away.

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