See their world beyond haircuts! “Barbers Inc TV” coming soon!

Barbers–the foot soldiers of the hair and beauty industry. We see them weekly for our favorite cut or a simple line up, but what is the story behind the hair? What is the hustle? Get ready to be schooled by “Barbers Inc.!” Barbers Inc. shows the real side of the barber industry from five high-end members of the industry making their way through the money, fame, and cutthroat tactics. In the infamous words of MTV’s “Diary,” “you think you know, but you have no idea…” The cast members definitely are not your average barbers and stylists, each of them comes with their own strategies and swag that make them more than barbers–they are artists!

Leading the cast is the creator and brainchild of the show, John “JD” Dillard, a primarily Atlanta-based celebrity barber with a knack for entrepreneurial ideas. His skills and drive are leading him out of the barber industry into the business world at large. Next, is the “baby” of the group, Lisa Torres. A resident of Brooklyn and a newcomer to the industry still trying to find her niche in a male-dominated field. Jamel Bishop, better known as “Mel The Barber,” follows up. Mel loves to party and navigate the night scene of Washington, D.C. just as much as he loves being a barber! Then we have Ashley Sarian a Los Angeles native and model, with a deep love for barbering and tattoos. Rounding off the cast from Louisiana is Ricky Zito. He is a shop owner, and only male stylist in a sea of beautiful stylist. Gifted with amazing color and cutting skills, let’s hope that will be enough help him steer clear of drama!



These five barbers are the best of the best in the barber industry. It is needless to say success can come with a heavy price. Their personal successes may be skyrocketing but so is the complexity of each of their individual lives. The struggle to balance their professional lives, personal dreams, family, friends, and clientele threaten to crush them at any moment. Still, they know the hustle has never been more real. Prepare yourself to see barbers like you have never seen them before. Check them out this January on a major network! Trust me, television just got a whole lot more interesting!




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