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Shape up your face with FlexBall Technology! #SHAVINGREBUILT

Shape up your face with FlexBall Technology! #SHAVINGREBUILT

This blog is dedicated to my hairy men around the world. Embrace your beard and hold your head up with pride.  Are you one of those guys stuck in the past due to your shaving procedures? Are you afraid to try new grooming options due to painful razor bumps and ingrown hairs? Is your hair extremely coarse and or curly? Is your skin sensitive making it rough to try new razors and products? If you suffer from these issues above, you are like most other guys when it comes to taming your maine. Here is some facts that are alarming. 70% of guys stay true to their personal shaving procedures due to skin dilemmas they face after trying new products. That 3 out 4 men!! Sounds crazy doesn’t it? In reality, this is true. I am a man who only use clippers to tame my facial hair due to ingrown hair. If I try to use a razor, my skin will bump up really bad.


Now we have the obvious out the way, there is a new product that was created with sensitive skin in mind. The brand that has been trusted and used to shave the face of men for years has reinvented the classic razor again. Not to mention the introduction of FlexBall Technology, that enables users not only to go up and down, but left to right as well for a smoother, cleanier shave. This is the ONLY razor that enables consumers to do that! Talk about exclusive. Gillette Fusion ProGlide is a trusted brand that allow men to get that silky smooth  shave they desire. With a detachable cartridge and 5 blades for a precise cut, this razor is the cream of the crop! #SHAVINGREBUILT is the hastag the company is utilizing to promote this product over social media outlets. No need to make those crazy shaving faces in the mirror to get every piece of hair off your face or head if your bald. The razor glides on your skin adjusting itself at every turn. Even though this razor is not available to June, this razor is a sure winning changing the face of shaving one man at a time. I had the opportunity to join Gillette at an event here in Atlanta earlier this week and I was very impressed. The way the blade glides across the skin is mind blowing.  Hats off to Gillette Fusion for keeping men looking their best.



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