Shaunie O’Neal Launches New Foundation And Contest

Basketball Wives Executive Producer and co-star, Shaunie O’Neal, launched her new website along with a contest. Recently, O’Neal discovered that her son had dyslexia and was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Unfortunately, the cost of diagnostic testing for dyslexia can be extremely costly; therefore, she has teamed up with Dr. Charles Sophy to provide kids with proper testing for dyslexia. However, they have not chosen an official name for the foundation and are encouraging fans to vote on names on

Words from Shaunie:

“Being a mother of 5 can be exciting, rewarding and challenging at times, especially when one of your children is having difficulty in school. I noticed that my youngest son began to develop a gradual dislike for school and his happy-go-lucky disposition changed to one of sadness and withdrawal. After a trip to the doctor and undergoing diagnostic testing, he was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. Since his diagnosis, we have taken steps to insure that he has a bright, productive and happy future. He is now flourishing in school, has high self-esteem and believes he can do anything. I discovered that recognizing dyslexia is the best place to start dealing with its many challenges. The cost of diagnostic testing can often be prohibitive for many families. They just cannot afford to pay the $3,000 to $5,000 cost for this much needed testing. Therefore, I have decided to establish a foundation, along with the help of Dr. Charles Sophy, in order to raise funds to help disadvantaged children to get proper testing for dyslexia. Also, once children are tested, often times other issues such as ADHD are uncovered. We are leaving behind too many children who are not given the proper tools and resources to learn how to deal with dyslexia. Please join me in our efforts to help families meet this challenge.”

Everyone should go on the website to vote for an official name. This is a great cause that she is pushing and it is great that she is allowing the fans to decide on the foundation’s name.


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