Shots Allegedly Fired at Lil Wayne’s Miami Home, Now Being Reported as a Hoax


Yesterday police rushed to the Miami home of Lil Wayne after receiving a call that shots had been fired.

Love B. Scott reports that someone who called the police suggested that four people had been shot at Wayne’s mansion but once the police arrived they could not locate any victims.

Representative of the Miami Police Department, Ernesto Rodriguez, released a statement:

“At 12:40 in the afternoon we received a call on a non-emergency line. The individual advised us he had shot four people [at the residence] and requested police assistance. At this point we have not located any victims.”

Police now believe the call was a hoax.

Lil Wayne was not home at the time of the call, according to Young Money’s official Twitter account.

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Lil Wayne isn’t the only celeb that’s been apart of a hoax. He joins the likes of Kim K, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber (who was said to have cancer) who have all been victims.

Thank God no one was injured but to play a prank like that is so childish, but a few weeks ago someone “suspicious” was reportedly lurking around the rapper’s home. Not sure if these incidents are connected.

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