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Singer Trent Crews Burst Off of Reality TV & onto the Music Scene

Singer Trent Crews Burst Off of Reality TV & onto the Music Scene

Trent Crews

Although he is most recently known for appearing on reality television, Trent Crews is a singer/songwriter who has been in the entertainment industry for a while. As a cast member on Season 8 of Love & Hip Hop: New York, he was depicted as the love interest of LHHNY newcomer Jonathan Fernandez. However, these days Trent is focusing more on his relationship with music and preparing to take his career to the next level.

“I came on the show as the first gay artist for Love & Hip Hop: New York. Not only am I the first gay artist for Love & Hip Hop: New York, but I’m also the first male R&B singer for the entire franchise.”

A Columbus, OH native, Trent is an R&B singer who can also hold his own as an actor, dancer, and model. Being a reality television star is the most recent addition to his resume. Prior to appearing on LHHNY, he lived his life as a New York City resident, busting his butt to make his dreams come true. He’s gone through the struggle, poverty, and homeless like so many artists in the city.

After living in NYC for nine years, Trent his now at a place where he’s starting to see the fruits of his labor. Not too long ago, he released his latest single “Blow”, which has received favorable responses. The song was featured on LHHNY and is first single off his upcoming EP titled Bad Reputation. It’s hard to believe that he was able to write and record the song in two days. Just in time to perform it live while filming for the show.

Trent Crews

“I was also homeless in New York City. I was also struggling, I age out of trash cans. New York City has a way of giving you the best and worst that life has to offer.”

“Blow” is accompanied by an amazing music video which was shot all over NYC. Trent’s EP, Bad Reputation, captures his new sound which incorporates more instrumentation and unique elements. It’s an evolution of his artistry, the launching pad to take his career in a new direction. While embracing his gifts and exploring everything that life has to offer, Trent finds himself ascending to a new level in his career.

“My mother said, ‘If you don’t sing you don’t eat.’ So that was the house rule.”

Trent knew at a very young age that he was meant to become a professional entertainer. The son of two pastors, he started off singing in the church. In fact, singing was basically a requirement for hi and his two sisters. As the youngest of three, he was the only person in his family who possessed the desire to pursue a career in entertainment.

Trent Crews

“I was always in the backyard singing. I would take a stick and make a mic out it. I was always very aware that I wanted to be a professional entertainer.”

Trent would get his first taste of the entertainment industry through acting. At the age of 10-years-old, he was able to shoot his first television pilot. This experience was among many, which fueled his decision to move to New York City to chase his dreams. Throughout his music career, Trent has been given the opportunity to work with other amazing artists and professionals like Beyoncé, Bryan Michael Cox, Ciara, Chris Brown, The Dream, and Trey Songz; just to name a few.

Besides his talents in entertainment, Trent’s favorable looks are another reason why people gravitate to him. One look at the guy and it’s obvious that he’s handsome. He also has an impressive physique. A high school athlete and natural runner, Trent has been able to himself in shape with minimum effort. His social media serves as a testament to attractiveness. Adorned with a mixture of modeling photos that show off his body, Trent’s Instagram account displays his ability to model some of the best high-fashion outfits.

At his core, Trent is simply a nice guy with a lot of talent. He gives God the glory for all of the amazing things that have happened to him. And as for the bad things, he looks at them as tests that the good Lord put before him. He respects others the way he would want to be respected. He also doesn’t pass judgment the same way he has been judged. Even though Trent has been through a lot, this is just the beginning for him. It’s safe to say that he’s off to an amazing start.


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