Single Ladies- “Show-Stopper”

“Single Ladies” began on a familiar note– muddled by April and David’s sexual tension and competition!  April informs her staff they will be helping to promote Indulgence ‘s jewelry launch for Cut called “Glam Walk.” April bars David from helping when he compliments Raquel. Meanwhile, the tension between Raquel and Terrance begins to steam–professionally and sexually. Whereas, Raquel is frantic with research and making a great first impression with their line, Terrance wants to handle everything off his whims and hook ups. Noticing how tense she is, he attempts to relax her with a massage. Feeling herself about to swoon, she pulls away and heads back to the shop to work. Keisha and Malcolm purchase a new house, reaffirming Atlanta will be their home. Sean and Naomi plot their next plan of action against The Franks with accusations of money laundering. Sean believes they finally have the ammo needed to take Malcolm down. Omar looks on as Raquel and Terrance continue to clash over how to promote Cut. He jokingly declares himself to be prettier than both of them. David unsurprisingly crashes the Glam Walk photo shoot. There, he openly flirts with Raquel and manages to get her to go to lunch with him when he offers her one of his artists to wear her jewelry pieces. April jealously warns Raquel of his intentions, the latter reassures her she is not interested in him. Later, Omar has to abruptly leave the shop to check on his nephew when the school principal calls. At the school, Marcus and Omar face off over Cory’s use of “faggot,” and bullying another student.  He is subsequently suspended. David manages to surprise Raquel by picking Terrance’s choice of a center piece over her own.  She notices April is spying on her, trying to mask her stalking via a lunch date with Ben.  Raquel admonishes her for her mistrust, shortly thereafter she is completely embarrassed as Ben is arrested for stealing property from celebrities! Back at Indulgence, Raquel and Terrance disagree more than ever on how to promote Cut. The latter feels even angrier with Raquel for listening to David over her. April looks on nervously as they storm out angrily to separate rooms. Sean petitions the court to have the Franks turn over all their financial records. Malcolm, not wanting to involve Keisha further, tells her not to concern herself with his issues. Marcus tries to brush off Cory’s homophobic comments as the school forcing him to be “PC.”He even tries to get her to remove Omar from the school’s contact list. Presley realizes Omar was right about him being a bigot and a bad influence on her son. She ends their engagement.  The siblings tearfully reconcile. Meanwhile, Raquel informs David she’ll be using Keke as the show’s performer much to the latter’s chagrin. April and David argue ferociously which eventually erupts to rough sex on his desk. Raquel walks in on them, but isn’t noticed due to their intensity. Malcolm refuses to hand over his company’s financial records, but is warned by his lawyer that he will be held in contempt of court if he doesn’t. Sean and Naomi decide to use the accusations against Malcolm as leverage to get her fair share of the company.  Terrance and Raquel finally make peace over a bottle of wine and deep conversation.  Terrance feels their bracelet isn’t the show stopper they need. After reviewing a few of his sketches Raquel finds their center piece after a few modifications. Malcolm and Keisha find it hard to sleep in their new home. Both sense a storm of trouble is on the way. Malcolm admits to Keisha he doesn’t want to face the future and its problems alone. Later, Raquel and Terrance reveal the center piece to Omar and April with nude models, giving a new meaning to “Cut.” Like “Single Ladies?” Catch it Mondays on VH-1 at 9:00 PM EST. For more episode recaps check out!

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