Single Ladies – “Walk That Walk”

“Single Ladies” began on a busy note this episode. Both April and Raquel appear to be run ragged trying to tie up loose ends and put the final details on “Glam Walk.” Raquel questions April about David’s whereabouts and where they stand after their “desk sex.” She plays it coy pretending to be relieved that he’s in Los Angeles on another project, but finally admits she’s hoping he’ll call. Their conversation is interrupted when Felicia summons April via text while they are in the same room.  Later the Glam Walk models finally arrive. Unfortunately, they are down by one. Raquel begins to panic wondering where they will get a replacement model. Terrance re raids he already has it covered and had asked an old friend and former model to stand in. Raquel begins to protest until she is interrupted by the young woman’s arrival. It is apparent she and Terrance are more than just friends. Raquel is clearly bothered by their closeness.

Sean goes to the Assistant District Attorney with evidence of Malcolm’s money laundering. He hopes she will open an investigation. He agrees to consider it if he can find her more solid proof. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Naomi meet clandestinely revealing their shared professional and sexual past. Naomi threatens to reveal how she helped him buy stolen diamonds on multiple occasions. Her desperation and the search of his company leave him feeling uneasy.

Omar find styling Felicia extremely difficult, especially as she turns down all his looks. Finally, he sketches a dress she likes and commissions him to design it right away.  Sean hassles a worker at one of the locations that provides diamonds to Franks Jewelers.  After threatening to have him arrested when everything falls apart, the man agrees to cooperate. April catches hell from Felicia when she finds her dressing room not finished and up to her specifications.  She demands she fire her assistant and finish the room solo.

Raquel and Erica chat about she and Terrance’s relationship. She reveals they are only close friends with benefits and begins to egal Raquel with stories of Terrance’s oral skills.  Raquel quickly ends their conversation.  Meanwhile, Keisha finds April freaking out over Felicia’s specifications.  The Assistant D.A. agrees to open an investigation into Franks Jewelers.

Omar finishes Felicia’s dress.  She loves it so much she offers him a position. However, she demands he work for her exclusively.  April continues to work hard on the Glam Walk details only to anger Future and Felicia. April finally stands up to her and demands she be respected even at the cost of her job.  Keisha applauds her courage. Elsewhere, Malcolm watches television in the dark until he is reminded of his current legal troubles. He decides not to attend his brother’s jewelry launch. Keisha consoles him, convincing him everything will work out. He reluctantly attends the launch.

Glam Walk goes on without a hitch. The public and investors find the faux jewelry impressive.  Just as the final models take the stage Raquel passionately kisses Terrance. The pair revel in the praise of the audience. Backstage, Grant, a private investor is mesmerized by Cut–and Raquel. Even though she has just kissed Terrance he opts to leave with Erica, freeing her up to meet with Grant and the other investors.

The next day April prepares to be fired. Surprisingly, Felicia has a heart to heart with her and reminds her she has to be tough to make it in the industry.  Omar reluctantly resigns from Indulgence, with Raquel’s love and support. A shady businessman from Terrance’s past demands am audience  with him concerning “old business and his new business.” He flatly declines his invitation.
Shortly thereafter, Terrance arrives to tell Raquel he wants them to have a strictly business partnership. She tries to save face, but is visibly shaken and disappointed by his rejection.  Omar consoles her.

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