Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal CEO, Steps Down

Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of the L.A. based e-commerce site, Nasty Gal, has decided to step down as CEO. Amoruso announced on the company’s blog, ““It’s become resolutely clear that I and Nasty Gal are ready for a move I’ve been thinking about for going on two years now.  As you know, part of being a #GIRLBOSS (and just a decent human being) is about playing to your strengths. I’ve been wondering for a while now if the CEO role is one that I want—and the one that I’m best at.”

Amoruso will be immediately replaced by Nasty Gal’s president, Sheree Waterson.  Recently, the company has laid off about 10% of its staff and slowed growth for the company.  To continue to allow Nasty Gal to grow, she will remain as executive chairman and lead the creative and brand marketing for the brand.





The #Girlboss author writes in Nasty Gal’s blog about Sheree and how her partnership with her going forward is similar to how Net-a-Porter operates,

I’ve never witnessed, let alone worked with, a leader as inspiring as Sheree. And those of us at Nasty Gal who have had the privilege of spending time with her agree. Sheree is someone who has the experience, ability, and drive to attack our future with a four-pronged approach with elements that have never been combined in all of Nasty Gal’s history – art, commerce, purpose, and leadership.

I see this new partnership working very similarly to how my friend Natalie Massenet, the Founder of Net-a-Porter, operates. She has had a CEO for quite some time, while remaining the Founder and Executive Chairman. Natalie bleeds Net-a-Porter as I bleed Nasty Gal. I, our customer, want you to know that I’m not going anywhere.

Sometimes change is necessary and being able to recognize when that change needs to occur and who would be best for the job shows the measure of a leader.  We wish the entire Nasty Gal team continued success as they work to rebuild their brand.


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