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Staple products all naturalistas should have in their stash

Staple products all naturalistas should have in their stash

natural hair


Natural hair is immensely beautiful but it takes a lot of work.  It’s definitely a labor of love.  Going on 4 years since I left the creamy crack,  I’ve had some high of high and lows of lows with this mane of mine. After watching youtube videos like it was a full-time job and spending tons of money on products, I found a few  that I consider staples.  And after watching 50-11 videos, plus reading various blogs, my picks are pretty much validated.

Here are a few products all natural gals should have in their stash:

eco styler gel

EcoStyler have saved the day on many occasions.  And at around $5 for a huge container, you can’t beat it. It can be used as a gel to lay your edges down; lightly spray your edges and perimeter with water (have a tad of extra virgin olive oil mixed with the water)  and smooth a little of this gel all around.  Tie your hair down with a satin scarf for about 30 mins and you’ll have a wavy mold that’s an awesome base for a puff or updo.

In the summer, you can use EcoSyler for a wash and go sure to leave you with defined curls, no matter the hair type.  Yes,  you to 4a b and c’s! It’s super simple:  wash your hair as  you usually do and put just add a little  of your favorite leave-in conditioner/moisturizer .  Don’t put too much because you don’t know whether it will mix well with the gel.  You don’t want  to end up with those ungodly white flakes.  Then take small sections, comb out any tangle, and spread the Ecostyler gel from the root all the way to the tips of your hair.  Continue to rub the piece of hair even after the gel is distributed because it’ll help the curl form.  Stop when you see your curl pattern form and scrunch that section a few times.

Do that all over and when you’re done, you’ll have a hair full of beautiful curls.  You will experience major shrinkage but it’s worth it!  Did I mention you can keep this hairstyle for up to 2 weeks? That alone is feat.



Miss Jessie’s is the go-to product for twist-out, flat twist-out (my ultimate favorite) and braid outs. Costing around $33, it is more expensive than your average drug store product. However, the results you get with Curly Meringue is by far worth every single penny. The definition is beyond amazing and you actually get a great hold, without the crunchy texture. All naturalista’s know the struggle of getting that bomb hairstyle only for humidity to snatch it back. Not with this product! My flat-twists last a week if I use Miss Jessie’s, pineapple my hair at night (push all your hair to the top of your head and use a elastic band to LIGHTLY hold it up) and use a moisturizer when taking it down the next morning.

Speaking of moisturizer…

shea moisture

Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing  Smoothie is by far my favorite.  It’s only $10 and can be found at most drug stores. Not to mention it smells utterly divine and leave my hair shiny, soft and moisturized.  Keeping your hair moisturized is a must!  It stops breakage and assist with lenghty retention.  You want that bra length drape?  Keep your hair moisterized.

This product only $10 and can be found at most drug stores.  Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy often have BOGO sales on these products and trust I empty the shelves.  It’s how a learned about the next product.


If you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to be at home like Madame C.J. Walker making your own products.  Yes, the homemade deep conditioner treatments are great. But if you’re short or time, Shea Moistures Deep Treatment Masque does the trick.  Shampoo your hair and then spread this evenly throughout.  Throw on a plastic cap and let sit for 45 minutes to an hour.  If you have a sit under dryer, brave that hell of a creation and use it.  Your hair will appreciate it.  It’ll be so soft and detangle itself.  You’re welcome.

As far as detangling…

wide tooth comb

…ladies please use a wide tooth comb and remember to detangle from the tips up to the roots. I can’t stress how important this is! Doing the opposite will cause your hair to break off. Remember, natural hair is severely fragile so we have to pamper it. I know detangling can be a long, frustrating process but if you want to retain length, you’ll learn patience.

One last product I absolutely live by and honestly keep in my purse is Crème of Nature Argan Oil Edge Control.

argan oil edge control

IT.WORKS. And we all know it’s hard to find a product that holds your edges down without the assistance of a scarf. At only $5 a jar, this is a live saver.

If you get the opportunity, check out these products.  I purchased them all with my own money and they weren’t given to me to review.  Just great products I learned from years of trials of error.  Enjoy your Happy Nappy journey!


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