A Chat with Celebrity Hair Stylist Marcia Hamilton


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We were lucky enough to catch business owner and hair-stylist to the stars Marcia Hamilton during some down time earlier this week. Brandy, Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, and Serena Williams are only a few of the big names that make up a long list of her celebrity clientele. Marcia has also worked fashion  shows for Tom Ford,  Oscar De La Renta, and Derek Lam. The bright-eyed beauty and California native, was kind enough to spill a few styling tips to the Kontrol team, which we couldn’t wait to get to you.

What are your favorite products you use on your own hair and on your clients hair?

“I’m a total product whore and my clients know it. I love switching up my product kit.”

What makes you fall in love with a product?

“I fall in love when the product delivers what it says, works well with the hair and makes it feel

amazing when styled.”

How did you start working with Jada?

“I was by creative director Fawn Boardley because Jada had a hair emergency and needed her hair


How do you come up with Jada’s hairstyles, more specifically her current style?

“All the styles we’ve come up w/ over the years have been collaborative. She communicates an

idea, emotion, event etc and I in turn respond my w/my creative input and we go for it!”

How can our readers achieve her current style? 

“Consult w/your stylist on length that would work for your texture.”

What products do you use on her hair? What are some of her favorite products?

“We’re really loving the Mizani Overnight treatment, Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum, Oribe Dry Texture

and Pravana Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner.”

How does Jada maintain her hair? Does she rely on you or has she been able to take what she’s 

learned from you to maintain her hair between your styling sessions?

“Jada does a really great job of taking care of her own hair and following my care instructions. She

loves to keep her hair naturally curly and doing overnight conditioning treatments to combat all the

heat styling we do for shoots, events etc.”

How would you define Jada’s hair personality? 

– #curlyhairdontcare

What has been the craziest or shocking thing that you have seen behind the scenes?

“I was on a reality show years ago, Split Endz. One of the hair stylist burned out a client’s hair on

camera! & it was aired in the episode.”

Can you talk about your studio/salon? Do you take on the everyday client? What type of clients do you attract?

“My Hamilton Hair studio salon is located in Beverly Hills, Ca. I take clients by appointment only

and usually am in salon approx. 3 days per week but all subject to change depending on my

production bookings etc. I have amazing clients!!! I tend to attract strong, beautiful, positive and

motivated women who are all so inspiring to me.”

How would you describe your styling technique? What makes you stand out from other hairstylists?

“I think my styling technique has range and allows the hairs natural texture to be hero.”


Many people consider hair to be an accessory to an outfit, how would you describe this type of 

relationship with hair and fashion?

“I definitely feel that the hair style should compliment what you wear not upstage it.”

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

“I draw my inspiration from what I see and feel in my day to day life experiences.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Taking my brand to the “next” level.”

What is something that the general public does not know about the hair industry that you would like 

to share?

“Not all Indian Hair is Indian Hair.”

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