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Sunday’s Best Sensation Tasha Lockhart Opens Up With Us On Overcoming Drug Addiction

Sunday’s Best Sensation Tasha Lockhart Opens Up With Us On Overcoming Drug Addiction


Gospel music newest sensation Tasha Lockhart has had one heck of year. After winning last season’s Sunday’s Best on BET, Lockhart has been given many different opportunities to present her angelic voice to others. When she is not touring around the country, she is at home being a mother to her children.
Lockhart has used her latest achievement as a platform of discussing her path of redemption. Even though she grew up in the church, Lockhart has dealt with many adversities that led her in losing sight of her faith.  Tasha Lockhart hasn’t let her tough past stop her from creating a bright future. Lockhart sat down with Kontrol Mag and gave us the exclusive on her journey to success. Check out our interview below.
Tasha Lockhart( Sunday’s Best 2013 Winner)

Q: Where were you going before BET’s Sunday’s Best?
A:I was in hair school. I was studying to be a cosmologist. I was touring for a stage play. For the most part I had given up on singing, it wasn’t really paying the bills. So I had to do something else, that’s why I was in school.

Q:How has life been after winning Sunday’s Best 2013?
A:I have been very busy. It really has changed my life. I have been out of town almost every weekend since July of last year.I am actually getting some things together right now to fly out tomorrow. Things have been very busy, but they gave us a chance to take our children to Disney World with us last Christmas.

Q:What inspired you to come up with the song “different?”
A: It was originally produced by Kirk Franklin. Him and I had a few conversations , and I was explaining to him my testimony about my life. He wrote the song based off my experiences.

Q: So you think that “you were different then a lot of us?”
A: No. I was saying I am different than I was before. It is like a testimony saying I am not the same. The song says “I’m different, not the same. Ever since I met Jesus Christ my life has changed.” So I am not pointing fingers saying I’m different then anybody else. I am saying I am different then what I use to be. I’m different then the person I use to be on drugs, alcohol, cocaine hits.

Q: So what are some of your current projects and are you working on album?
A: I am, I just finished my album. I am in the middle of writing a book about my Sunday’s Best experience. I am getting ready to be featured in Bishop TD jake’s live recording in Maryland. I am also apart of a play called “What you won’t do for love”?

Q:How was it like sharing the stage with the Clark Sisters?
A: It’s amazing to be in the same room as these people, because I looked up to them all my life

Q: Singing was what you wanted to do all your life?
A: Yes. I have been singing all my life. I got my first job doing jingles and voice overs for major corporations such as Chrysler, Dodge Caravan, Detroit Red Wings,The United Way, and etc. Thats just a few of them. I did that from age 5 to 14.

Q:What would you tell someone that was coming from a tough past,and wanted to sing or to pursue their dreams?

A:My advice in pursuit of the music industry would be never to give up on your dreams and put God 1st. Find out what he wants you to be doing first. If God is telling you to do it then he will find a way for you to get done. If God tells you to do something he is going to make a way or open the door for you to make it happen. Keep your grind and keep your hustle as well

Q:Anything else you want to add?
A: Just to follow me on social media @tashalockhart -twitter tashapagelockhart -insta
I just did Celebration of Gospel. I also have a movie that is going to be on Netflix and in Redbox, that is call “Who Can I Run to?”


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