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Dietary Supplements That Are Beneficial for Men

Dietary Supplements That Are Beneficial for Men

Vitamins & Supplements

Health professionals love to stress the importance of choosing healthy foods and staying away from foods that do that do not benefit the body. Normally, people like to think of food in terms of what will make them fat, instead of remembering the other health benefits that healthy choices bring to the table.  Our bodies extract nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, amino acids, and other substances from foods to help us function properly. However, sometimes simply consuming healthy foods does not always supply the appropriate amount of nutrients, and that’s where dietary supplements step in.

<center>One A Day Men's vitamins</center>
One A Day Men’s vitamins

Dietary supplements provide us with nutrients that usually come from a variety of foods that we eat. When we aren’t getting a sufficient amount of a particular substance it can negatively affect our bodies and increase the risks of health issues such deficiencies and diseases. Luckily there is an entire market of various substances that can replace the nutrients that we might be missing out on, making it easier get everything that our bodies need. Vitamine D, magnesium, and probiotics are a couple of types of nutrients that men especially need to make sure that their bodies are getting enough of; it’s important to check with your doctor before deciding to take any type of supplement.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. If you’re not getting enough that could lead to bone weakness. No man wants to walk around feeling like they’re 70 years old when they’re actually 32 years old. Increasing your intake of vitamin D not only deters from bone weakness but also has been linked to reduced levels of depression, reduced risk of colorectal cancer, and lessen the chance of a heart attack. Dairy products, egg yolks and fatty fish all contain a sufficient amount of vitamin D, if you follow a strict vegan diet you probably don’t consume any of these food sources which can mean that you’re more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency.

Dairy products, a great source of vitamin D
Dairy products, a great source of vitamin D

Another important mineral to monitor is magnesium which helps regulate blood pressure and keeps the heart’s rhythm steady. If your body doesn’t get enough magnesium you may start to experience headaches that can turn into migraines, due to the blood vessels constricting in your brain. Foods sources that contain magnesium include whole grains, leafy greens, coffee, nuts, and pumpkin seeds. Magnesium is also a key ingredient in many antacids and laxatives.

Have you ever considered that you need more bacteria in your life? That thought probably has never crossed most people’s minds only because the term bacteria has a negative connotation. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria, good bacteria naturally reside in the body which is referred to as probiotics. They help push out the bad bacteria specifically in your gut. This can reduce certain infections, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea. Yogurt, kefir and other dairy products are basically made of probiotics which can boost your immune system.


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