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How To Take A Kim Kardashian Selfie

How To Take A Kim Kardashian Selfie

Kim Kardashian is hands down the queen of selfies. Selfiies have become an epidemic and has completely taken over social media. I know I’m guilty of taking tons of selfies just to post that one pic that looks best.

Now in order to get those likes on your picture, you have to first perfect the art of taking a selfie. Here is how you can get the perfect selfie.



kim k selfie

1. Know and work your angles.  There are not too many people that can take a good picture head on. Practice shots by tilting your head at different angles to find which looks best. Try holding your phone at a 45 degree angle. This decreases the look of double chins and makes you face appear slimer.

2. Have good lighting. Natural lighting is the best but in the case you don’t have it make sure your light isn’t too dark or harsh. The lighting should be behind the camera so it illuminates your face.

3. Use a filter. Selecting the right filter for your selfie can enhance your facial features. Now it’s important to not go over board but filters are cool to use if you’re looking looking a little pale and in need of a glow.

4. Check your background. Nothing is worse than taking a great selfie just to realize that you have a pile of dirty clothes in your background. Always make sure that your background is tidy and presentable.

5. No duck face. This is the ultimate no no when it comes to a perfect selfie. I have seen the pukered lip face gone wrong so many times. Opt for a natural look, don’t try to look too cool or sexy.


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