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Take Kontrol: Happy Weight

Take Kontrol: Happy Weight

Are you in a healthy relationship?

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Photo Credit: MissKymmiee

Back away from your boo. No seriously, it’s time for self-examination. We all have been crazy in love before. Everything starts off cool until one day you find yourself dropping a hobby for extra quality time. The quality time depends on your lover’s lifestyle and might consist of eating out, drinking alcohol, and/or Netflix and chillin. We sometimes get comfortable having a companion like occasionally skipping the gym because “My babe likes it.” Relationships can sometimes be a distraction and we skip happily along doing what we want all the while forgetting that happy weight is so a thing.

If you don’t believe it think about Valentine’s Day. Holidays are created and we eat to celebrate all of them. Valentine’s Day is no different. Valentine’s Day is usually a day when couples show their love for each another and most go out to eat and give out sweets. You don’t have to lose your lover just make an effort to stay focused. Small changes like giving and receiving dark chocolate on V-Day can add health benefits to a sweet offering. Dark chocolate has been known to lower blood pressure and is low in sugar. Dark chocolate also helps with stress hormone levels and depression.

Kontrol Tip: Ice skating and couples yoga are great date choices that will keep you and your partner active this V-Day!

couples yoga

Photo Credit: Essence

Forget lazy love. Get up and get out! Depending on your location you can go on a bike ride, hike and/or walk on the beach. Don’t be afraid to put your phones away and enjoy nature and each other’s company. Remember dates do not always have to include food and alcohol. Museums and concerts are always fun and you can never go wrong with a night out dancing. If your significant other has two left feet then it’s a perfect excuse to take a dance class. Mix it up!

Kontrol To-Go: Host a couple’s game night with your friends. Jump around and have fun but be mindful of your wine intake!

fit couple

Photo Credit: Pinterest


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