The Grind NEVER Stops! Get To Know “iZombie” Star, Malcolm Goodwin!

The CW has another hit on its hands with iZombie! You might think this is just another quirky show with a gimmick to attract some Goth audience; but you would be dead wrong—emphasis on DEAD! The series is loosely based on the comic book series of the same name. It is the story of former medical student, Olivia “Liv” Moore (Rose McIver), who is scratched at a party by an enraged zombie and becomes infected with a virus that transforms her into one as well. She awakens the next morning with chalk white skin, peroxide blonde hair, and an intense craving for brains! Trying to hide her condition, and appease her appetite, she takes a job at the local morgue as a medical examiner. Whenever she consumes a brain she takes on aspects of the victim’s personality and memories. These include memories, in the forms of visions, of how they died at times. When a murder takes place she meets Clive Babineaux, a sharp detective, determined to bring justice to Seattle one case at a time. Together the two use her abilities, and his skills, to stop crime across the city one case at a time. But can they stop the growing zombie epidemic?  Of course they can! Especially when you have an astounding actor like Malcolm Goodwin on the scene!

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You know him as Darnell in House Of Cards or Shea Daniels in Breakout Kings; but Malcolm Goodwin is now the amazing actor behind Clive Babineaux and man is he talented! This awesome thespian has brought to life a much beloved, and popular character, that is soon to be a pop culture sensation. “I’m so excited to be a part of the show…the comics were a big hit with audiences and I feel this will be big too…” Goodwin, like his character, has a no nonsense approach to life and is dedicated to his work. He knows and believes through diligence, perseverance, anything can become possible. “You’ve got to know that whatever you want to do, you can do it and just hold steadfast to that…” Malcolm draws inspiration for his character from the cops he grew up around in Harlem. “They [the police officers in his neighborhood] were really upstanding guys…tough, but caring and really about business…Clive is definitely a shout out to them…”


iZombie is far from the first or last superhero drama to grace television, but it is by far the most relatable and interesting. The characters are realistic, everyday people who are unwittingly thrust into semi-supernatural/sci-fi drama. Clive Babineaux stands as a powerless person in a powerful situation as he is torn between doing things by the book; while also doing the right thing personally. “He [Clive] is in a pretty tough position…he is kinda catching it from both ends…his boss wants him to do the cases he’s been assigned…Liv wants him to investigate these murders based off her visions, people are missing off the streets, and then he doesn’t know there’s a zombie apocalypse going on around him…he needs a break [he laughs].Thankfully for fans everywhere Malcolm nor Clive will be getting a break soon as The CW has officially renewed the series for a second season!


While iZombie goes on hiatus, Malcolm will continue to work. In fact, he will be appearing in Fox’s summer series, Wayward Pines and #Lucky Number alongside Method Man. “I’m always happy to be working…not every actor can say that…” Interestingly, Malcolm is easily one of the most versatile actors in the industry. The characters he portrays vary greatly and are so engrossing you completely forget they are not real. Indeed Mr. Goodwin has a way of making his roles, no matter how small, memorable and outstanding! Perhaps this explains his longevity in an industry that routinely under utilizes and under appreciates quite a few truly talented people. “You’ve got to be able to take rejection in this industry…you might get a thousand no’s, but that one yes can put you where you need to be…” Malcolm advises all aspiring actors to never give up and know that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Be sure to catch him, Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM EST only on The CW!

Twitter/Instagram: @malcolmjgoodwin

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