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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Benny Does Battle”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Benny Does Battle”

The Haves & The Have Nots began with a miracle as Benny emerges from the wreck virtually unscathed, Quincy, however is injured. Benny begins to pummel him relentlessly into a bloody pulp for his attacks on his mother and sister. He takes his wallet and learns that his nephew, Q, is with Quincy’s sister. Benny takes his phone too and calls 911 pretending to be him calling for help. He tosses the phone afterwards and leaves in pursuit of Q. Quincy manages to escape before the police arrive despite his injuries. Elsewhere, Candace takes Oscar up on his offer on New York City. There, he tells Candace how glad he is to see her and he offers to show her how to make more money–tens of millions. She brushes off his offer.


Jeffrey meets with David at his offer. There, his father gives him new credit cards and tells him Veronica will come around. Jeffrey admonishes him for his continued faith in her, and pushes David to be with Maggie. David insists he is still in love with her and admonishes him for calling his mother evil. He tells Jeffrey it is not easy to let go with someone you are truly in love with. Jeffrey is reminded of Wyatt and tells him about Melissa’s pregnancy. David is not sure how they can help Veronica, but comforts Jeffrey. While flying, Candace and Oscar join the Mile High Club! Hanna helps Katheryn locate Amanda’s diaries. Maggie visits David and struggles to keep from revealing Veronica’s affair with Benny, while Katheryn bravely begins to read Amanda’s diaries.


Jim arrives to the office ready to work. David tries to dissuade him to go home, but he refuses insisting that working helps him. Maggie warns him the press will question him about his children and that they have an exclusive interview coming up. She also tells them that Amanda’s death has garnered them sympathy votes which have pushed them ahead in the polls. When Maggie leaves he tells David about how he is reigning Wyatt in. They decide to meet with Jennifer, and Jim promises he is handling Candace. Elsewhere, Veronica arrives at Benny’s towing company and spies the Black Sedan. She tries to reach Benny but he does not answer, she is unaware Bruce is still tracking her. Katheryn reads Amanda’s diary and learns that Candace was right, Amanda was raped by her professor. She immediately shares the news with Jim.


In New York, Candace admires Oscar’s hotel room. He tells her he does not act like a Southern girl, but admires her edginess. He tells her more about his business venture, but she is sure he is trying to con her. He tries to convince her to that he is trustworthy, but she is hesitant. They attempt to get the passwords to one another’s phones, unwittingly revealing they like one another. Veronica calls Benny again from her new phone and lies to him about needing to get papers signed to keep his record clean and his insurance low. Benny, however, is more concerned with getting Q from Quincy’s sister and agrees to get her off the phone. When he see her walk into a grungy apartment building he follows her in and kicks in the door! She tries to stop him from taking Q, but he promises his nephew to reunite him with his mother. Elsewhere, Jim tries to get Katheryn to “pull it together” in front of Jennifer.


That night, Oscar takes Candace to The Strand Theater to see a show. Everyone admires how beautiful she is. However, she finds it hard to believe he is in to her or that she can escape from her background. He likes her to a wounded puppy he once had, but promises her she will love him one day. Benny finally arrives home and reunites Hanna with Q!


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