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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Candace Young, Esq.”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Candace Young, Esq.”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Candace determined to fool Benny. She has Maggie pose as her secretary and show her around the building, berating her in the process. Benny is amazed with his sister’s accomplishments. He apologizes for doubting her. Their heartfelt moment is interrupted when the lawyer who really owns the office interrupts them. Candace manages to play them off, while Maggie sits down to talk with her.  Elsewhere, Katheryn calls Veronica to tell her Jennifer wants to see them about Wyatt’s confession. Veronica agrees to come meet with her and the others (including Jim and David). Katheryn tries to talk to her about the Sedan but she plays her off and agrees to talk with her about it later in person. Veronica signs for a new house and demands it be decorated in a few days. She calls two criminals she got off, asking them about the car. They tell her they have lost the Sedan in a federal auction. She leaves the house angrily.


Katheryn learns what Jim has done to Wyatt when she sees the former with Norman. Jim assures her has everything under control and promises her the professor that raped Amanda is next. Katheryn informs him about their meeting with Jennifer. They both agree it is time to deal with everything that is going on. In prison, Wyatt demands to call his mother, but the guards refer to him as Norman and refuse. His cell mate offers to protect him in return for sex, but he refuses. He threatens to rape him when the lights go out!


At Benny’s towing company, Candace reveals she was how Hanna got her car for free earlier. Benny wants to tell their mother about her good accomplishments, but she makes him promise not to. Veronica arrives asking to see the owners. Candace is rightfully suspicious of her as she asks if all the cars were sold in the auction. Benny tells her they were, but Candace reprimands him and warns him not to trust her. Candace notices how they flirt, and when Veronica leaves she demands answers. Benny tells her she him helped him out before, and Candace reveals she is Jeffrey’s mother. Benny is shocked, but Candace remains suspicious of her motives.


Benny returns home to find Hanna still upset with him. She admonishes him for hanging with Candace, he informs her that she is legit now. Hanna refuses to believe him. At the prison, Wyatt’s cell mate, Rico, tries to rape him! He narrowly staves him off when a guard comes threatening to put the assailant in  the hole. Rico tells him he will wait until the next guard shift and try again. At The Cryers’ home, David tries to comfort Jim over the guilt he feels for his children. He reminds him that what is important is what he does for them now. Rico tries to get Wyatt to come to bed, he begs the guard to help him, but he advises him to fight him off. Benny bails Quincy out of jail and then goads him into his car. There, he and Benny fight in the car as the latter drives them off road trying to kill Quincy! The car flips and falls into a ditch!


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