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The Haves & The Have Nots- “In Memoriam”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “In Memoriam”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves Not & Have Nots begins with Veronica taking over for Hanna after she tries to keep Jim and Wyatt from fighting. Veronica has Hanna tend to Katheryn, while she deals with Wyatt. When Hanna leaves Veronica confronts him about selling them out, promising to collect on all “the favors” he owes her. Wyatt tells her he is not afraid of prison and believes Jeffrey might enjoy the idea of being raped more than him. He also tells her he notices how disgusted she gets seeing that her son is in love with him. Veronica demands Jim get Wyatt in line after the funeral.


At the cemetery Candice arrives to give her condolences to The Cryers, much to Hanna’s chagrin. No one is happy to see her. The Cryers are quickly ushered to their car, while she and Veronica face off. The two exchange insults on make up, Veronica’s home, and even Quincy. Jeffrey tries to get her to leave, but she insists she is there for Amanda. She gives Katheryn her condolences, who in turn surprisingly invites her to their home after the funeral. Candice gladly accepts, telling her mother she will see her soon.

Candace Young (Tika Sumpter), Jim Cryer (John Schneider), Hanna Young (Crystal Fox),

Celine arrives home angrily, there her son Carlos tries to comfort her, realizing she has gone to see Jim about her job and their “deal.” He admonishes her for still being in love with him and mistreating them even though they too are his family. At The Cryer’s home, a detective arrives with pictures for Maggie, showing Veronica and Benny hooking up in David’s car. She tells him to follow Benny and see what he is up to. Inside, Veronica finds Melissa and decides to take her to Jeffrey. David decides to follow them despite Veronica’s protest. In the kitchen, Jeffrey finds Wyatt and tries to make sure he is okay. Wyatt, in turn, asks him about relationship with Landon and if he is now “full blown out of the closet.” Jeffrey tells him they had sex, and tries to get Wyatt to admit he too is into guys. Wyatt rebuffs his advances as Landon looks on.


Landon admonishes Jeffrey for being in love with Wyatt, but sees why he is. He tries to convince him that he is straight and not interested. Jeffrey tries to dismiss and tells him he is not interested in him. Jeffrey’s parents and Melissa interrupt their quarrel. Veronica tries to dismiss Landon and pushes Melissa on him but Jeffrey resists her. Veronica leaves, slightly amused. Melissa tries to stay with Jeffrey but he demands she leaves. She refuses, telling him she will wait in the other room. Maggie talks with David privately, warning him that the investigators believe his house fire was arson. He refuses to give up on Veronica even when Maggie tells him she wants him. She is tempted to show him the detective’s pictures of Veronica but decides against it.

Jeffrey Harrington (Gavin Houston)

Jeffrey finds Melissa in the living room and demands she come with him. He calls her a cab just as Candice arrives. Candice admonishes her for trying to trap Jeffrey with a pregnancy and threatens to fight her. She reveals that Veronica is holding her family’s finances and home hostage and if she does not convince him to like her then she will foreclose on them and deny her father access to the cancer medications he needs. Candice tells her to come by her hotel that night and tells Jeffrey to buy several pregnancy tests. Jeffrey tries to dissuade Candice from going in the Cryers home, but she will not be stopped. Inside, Hanna and Wyatt try to make her leave, but she still refuses. Katheryn tells them to allow her to stay, as she has questions about her. In the study, Katheryn and Jim speak privately with her about Amanda. Katheryn asks her what did she do to Amanda. Candice refuses to take the blame for what has happened to Amanda and tells them she too is “in mourning.” She turns to leave, but Kathern knocks her unconscious with a wine bottle to the head!




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