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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Sheep’s Clothing”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Sheep’s Clothing”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots began a tragic note as Hanna is engulfed with grief over the loss of her home. The Fire Chief questions her about the car that caused the accident while she is still in shock, much to Katheryn’s chagrin. Hanna tells the Fire Chief she does not have house insurance, having let it lapse while she was tending to Benny in the hospital. Katheryn is shocked, but offers to pay for everything. Hanna refuses to allow her, feeling she did more than enough when she paid for Benny’s hospital bills. Benny arrives at the house and becomes enraged when he sees the house, he swears revenge on Quincy. Katheryn offers for to let her stay with them, but she refuses. She offers Hanna her assistance if needed. Benny tells Hanna they are going back to his home, but she refuses to stay there too. Benny pleads with her to come with him.

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At the campaign office Jim tells Maggie not to count him out of the race and tells his goons to move forward with the hits on the prison guard, professor, and Veronica. Elsewhere, Oscar sends Candace a truckload of flowers. She calls him to thank him for the flowers. He tells her he wants her to have her son back and is glad she is so happy. Jeffery arrives to visit Candace at her home and is amazed with it. She tells him she wants him to move into one of her rooms until he gets on his feet. He initially refuses, until he remembers how much fun they had living together and she assures him everything is legit. He tells her he has to think about it and shows him around the house.

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At the campaign office, Maggie meets with David. He tells her that he and Jim have not spoken since the day before. Maggie tries to get him to open up to her, but he resists. She tells him how he feels about him and shows him his pamphlet for governor and a speech that would distance him from Jim after he withdraws from the election. David refuses to betray Jim, much to Maggie’s chagrin. She suggests they start packing up. Jim goes to visit Celine and comes on to her. He seduces her and tells her he loves her. They have rough sex on her sofa. Candace takes Jeffrey to Benny’s tow yard , there he sees the Black Sedan! Candace tries to call her brother again and starts to worry. Katheryn calls Veronica to reschedule their tea after Jim’s press conference. Their conversation is interrupted when Maggie arrives at her door. Katheryn wonders what her friend is hiding. Maggie tries to get Veronica on board with David running for governor. Veronica seems disinterested and feels Maggie really wants to be his First Lady. She demands Maggie leave, but she refuses and shows her pictures of her cheating with Benny. She tells her how much she loves David, and then reveals what really happened between them and that he only wants to be with his wife. Veronica is taken back by her confession and makes her leave. She throws the pictures at the door and then collapses onto the floor crying.

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Wyatt returns home and receives a call from Jennifer. She offers him immunity and reveals she knows what happened to him in prison and that his father and Veronica were behind it. He decides to call her back and consider her offer. Jeffrey and Candace arrive to visit Q at the hospital. Leah asks to speak to her privately. In the meantime he calls Wyatt to tell him about the car and checks on him. Leah tells Candace that Quincy came to the hospital and has police officers guarding Q. Candace becomes afraid and refuses to see Q, asking Leah to call her with the her boss’s decision on custody. Leah’s supervisor sees Candace leave frantically and feels Hanna would be a better custodian for Q.  Celine and Jim bask in the afterglow of sex. She offers to feed him and thanks him for having sex with her. She tells him she knew he still wanted her. She asks him when can she come back to work and how do they fix things with Katheryn. He tells her things are “un-fixable” and that she cannot come back to work. He tells her he only came to have sex with her because he could and that he has never loved her. He tells her he will arrange for child support for their son but it won’t be much. She realizes he came there to humiliate her. He tells her now they are even. Hanna returns to Benny’s home and is still distraught. She blames Candice for her house burning down, feeling she did it to keep her from gaining custody from Q. He refuses to believe her, but when she realizes Candace bought the house she becomes even angrier. She admonishes him for believing her and lying to her. He reveals he knows she does not have a job and Hanna realizes his tow yard is her doing as well. She demands to be taken to Candace!


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