The Haves & The Have Nots- “Two Funerals”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots are back and hotter than ever–literally! David awakes to find his room and home engulfed in flames. He scrambles to find Veronica, finding her outside on their steps smoking a cigarette. He is glad she is okay, but she is not happy he survived her attempt to kill him. He is shocked at his wife’s evil. At The Cryers’, Maggie preps Jim and Katheryn for Amanda’s funeral the next day, promising not to allow it to become a media circus. She is interrupted by Wyatt who compliments her on her breast! She quickly sees why her clients have such a problem with him. She is interrupted again with news of the fire at The Harringtons’. The home is completely engulfed in fire!


At The Sarandon Hotel, Hanna informs Candice her son, Q, is alive and being held captive by his father, Quincy. She demands to know where he is, but she does not know. Hanna admonishes her for hooking up with Oscar and not even knowing his last name. Hanna leaves furiously, and Candice asks him to go, but he refuses. Instead he holds her tightly. Benny arrives home and Hanna immediately questions where he has been. She admonishes him for fighting Quincy, and he apologizes for wrecking her car. She is pleased he is all right, but surprised to see him with David’s truck. Benny tells her it is a gift from Veronica, but that Quincy has been locked back up. He refuses to apologize for his actions and promises he will finish things with Quincy once and for all!


Maggie and The Cryers race to The Harringtons’ home. All of them are thankful the couple is safe, but Veronica becomes hostile with Maggie. David demands she leave not wanting the situation to escalate. While Katheryn tends to Veronica, David confides in Jim, telling him his wife tried to kill him. Jim is shocked by the news but promises to help him deal with the situation and Wyatt’s antics after he buries Amanda. Jeffery and Landon lie in bed together after having sex for the first time. Jeffrey becomes distant and Landon realizes he was being used. He also senses Jeffrey is in love with someone else. Jeffrey tells him about Wyatt and that he is straight. He warns him not to fall in love with a straight man as it will only bring pain. Wyatt interrupts them asking Jeffrey can he crash with him and dismissing Landon. He soon realizes, however, what Landon and Jeffrey were up to and leaves. Landon tells Jeffrey to lose his number, their argument stops when his father calls him about the fire.Jennifer questions Veronica about the fire and the whereabouts of the Sedan. She admonishes her for her timing, and is shocked to find out Wyatt told her about the car. Katheryn too is surprised she kept the car a secret all this time. Veronica promises to deal with Wyatt and heads to a hotel. Jeffrey arrives to check on his parents, but Veronica ignores him. He realizes his mother is at fault for everything.


The next morning, Candice wakes up and ridicules Oscar for not making a move on her the whole night. He assures her he cares about her and realizes she needs a friend. Benny calls the bailsman to find out Quincy’s bond, learning it is $5K. Candice arrives at their home, telling her mother and brother she is going to attend Amanda’s funeral. Hanna tells her more about her son and warns her not to attend the funeral and threatens her if she does. Benny asks his sister to borrow the bond money, but refuses to tell her what it is for. At The Cryers’ Katheryn and Veronica get ready for the funeral. Benny calls the latter asking for her help, however she wants to hook up with him again. He agrees to see her later. Jim thanks Hanna for all her help. Later, David confronts Veronica. She tells him she would have let him burn and that she is moving on with someone else.


Hanna helps Katheryn get ready for the funeral, while Celine comes to see Jim about her job. She begs him to hire back, reminding them of their deal. Wyatt insults her while she begs him to feel something for her. Wyatt insults his father about Amanda, insighting his wrath. He beats his son to a pulp! Hanna breaks them apart, just as Wyatt hints about his hit and run with Benny!

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