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The Haves & The Have Nots- “When The Chickens Come Home”

The Haves & The Have Nots begins somberly as Jeffrey and Candice try to relax in her backyard, but both are afraid Quincy could find them. Candice explains she left the hospital without seeing Q out of fear, but that she loves him and cannot believe Veronica would treat him so terribly. They are confident he does not know where she is until they hear the doorbell ring. Jeffrey answers the door to find Benny and Hanna there. Hanna angrily demands to know if she burned down their house to keep her from getting Q. She denies her accusations, but Hanna still blames her for Quincy being in their lives. They demand to know where she got the money from for both homes and his tow yard. She tries to say it is from her “job,” but Benny tells her he caught her in her lie. She finally decides to tell a half-truth that she “came into some money”–seven million dollars worth. Hanna demands to know what she did to get that money. Wyatt calls Jeffrey about the Black Sedan being at Benny’s tow yard. He demands to see the car despite Jeffrey’s assurances. The Youngs continue to argue. Candice shows them the deeds to both home and the tow yard, telling them she is being truthful about buying all three. Benny fears for their lives and admonishes his sister for deceiving them. Desperate to win them over, she shows them her account, claiming to have over four million dollars left. Much to her surprise, the balance is zero. Her family leaves angrily and she realizes she has been had. She calls Oscar and then the bank. As Benny and Hanna leave, Quincy pulls up at her house.

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Jeffrey checks on Candice. She believes Oscar has stolen her money by capturing her information. Jeffrey gives her the idea that someone may have taken her money. She then believes Jim sent Oscar after her. Oscar returns her call and is surprised by her accusations. He has his pilot change plans and head to Savannah to see what is wrong with Candice and to get his $500K back. Benny and Hanna return to his home. Hanna tearfully refuses to go in, despite Benny’s begging. She leaves and tells him not to follow her. Benny calls Veronica and asks to meet with her, she insists they meet at the tow yard. Veronica visits with David at the campaign office. There she tells him he should run for governor. He is dismayed by her suggestion and demands to know why she is now trying to make amends with him. She tells him about the Sedan and decides to deal with one issue at a time, putting Jeffrey on the back burner. David is leery of her intentions nonetheless.

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Oscar arrives at Candice’s house to confront her. There he demands his money back, unaware she is hiding a knife behind her back. After a heated argument he comes clean about stealing her money. They begin to fight and he tries to rape her! Quincy pulls him off her and chokes him against the wall. Candice tries to run but Quincy catches her and throws her to the ground and then punches and chokes her while Oscar escapes! Elsewhere, Hanna returns to her home distraught, but receives good news when she learns she has been awarded custody of Q. Jeffrey and Wyatt stake out the tow yard and find Veronica going there to see Benny. They decide to find out why! Inside, Veronica looks over the deed and realizes Hanna was talking about his home. She tells him she cannot have sex with him again, but he comes onto her. Jeffrey and Wyatt see them together, capturing it on phone. Hanna picks Q up from the hospital and tells them they are going on an “adventure.” Leah feels he is in good hands with her. They go to a hotel for the night.

Jim Cryer (John Schneider), Candace Young (Tika Sumpter)
Jim Cryer (John Schneider), Candace Young (Tika Sumpter)

Oscar arrives at the campaign office to see David. It is revealed he is in asset recoveries and his real name is Brandon. He turns over all of Candice’s information to him. David prepares to give his speech, but wants to speak with Jim first. He hands over the information to Jim, but instead of being thanked he is dismissed. Jim demands the hit on his enemies be carried out immediately. Wyatt goes to see Jennifer and negotiates immunity for himself and Jeffrey. She agrees, but needs the Sedan. He tells her he knows where it is. Later, Jim gives his own speech declaring his imperfection. Meanwhile, his enemies are taken out one by one! The police claim the Sedan from the tow yard,and Candice fights for her life against Quincy. They realize he is not bowing out of the gubernatorial race. David decides to still run on a separate ticket. Their announcement is interrupted, however, with an arrest from Jennifer. The Harringtons and Cryers are handcuffed and sent to jail. Jeffrey arrive home in time to help Candice–narrowly. He pulls Quincy off her long enough for her to grab a knife and stab him in the back. He swats her away and then chokes her again. Jeffrey grabs the knife and stabs him until he stops moving!

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