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The Haves & The Haves Nots- “A Home For Q”

The Haves & The Haves Nots- “A Home For Q”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Wyatt reels from his sexual assault. The inmate tries to rape him again, but thankfully a guard saves him. The guard demands to know how the inmate was locked in him with him, but he has no answers for him. The guards realize they are in trouble with Jim and get him to the infirmary! Elsewhere, the social worker inspects Hanna’s home and inquires about their employment. Benny reveals he owns a tow company with a “mysterious partner.” Hanna is shocked by the news, but is proud of him. She is also shocked to find out Candace has returned so quickly from New York and on a private jet. Hanna tells the social worker how terrible of a person Candace is. Carlos stops by to check on his mother. He tells her Jim is announcing he is running from governor. Celine is hurt that she did not know and that she has not heard from him. Carlos pleads with her to see the truth, but she refuses to listen to him. He leaves disappointed.

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Jennifer meets with The Harringtons and Cryers, confronting them about Wyatt’s taped confession. She and Veronica face off, with the latter even implying she burned down her house to kill her husband. They try to convince Jennifer that Wyatt is lying and has been using. She refuses to fall for their cover up, until David reminds her she is not suppose to be speaking to them. Veronica tries to goad her into a fight, reminding her she has to have evidence to do anything. Jim makes her leave, by walking around his house. Veronica reveals she knows Wyatt is in prison, and lies saying David told her. David confronts her, demanding to know what she has done to Wyatt. She tells him “the boy will learn.” David quickly demands Jim get Wyatt out of prison!

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Veronica calls Benny trying to get the Sedan from him, but he is busy dealing with his family drama. He puts Veronica in her place when she demands he make time for their deal. Candace arrives at the hospital desperate to see Q. The social worker tries to speak to her privately, but she is too anxious to see Q. When she finally sees him again she is overjoyed. Hanna and Benny tell her that Quincy has been abusing him and that he was at his sister’s home. Candace tells her son she went there looking for him and promises him he never has to return to his father again. She is ready to take him home when he gets out, but the social worker tells her that Hanna has made some serious accusations concerning her parenting. Candace and Benny are both shocked her mother would try to take her son. Hanna pleads with her to let him be with her and teach him what is best. She tries to point out Candace’s flaws by using Oscar as an example. Candace uses her knowledge of the law to bar her mother from Q’s bedside. She relents to her daughter and decides to pray on it.

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Donnie, the prisoner who raped Wyatt, calls Veronica demanding he put money on her books for taking care of Wyatt. She hangs up on him and drives to Benny’s tow company. There, she spots the Sedan and goes inside to see Benny. She seduces him and they have sex on his desk! Maggie’s detective informs her of Veronica’s whereabouts. She in turn gets David to take a ride with her to see something. They are stopped when Celine arrives at the office to see Jim. David tells her they are done and that she should never come back there again. She refuses to believe things are over and leaves.



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