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The Sexiest Spots On Your Body to Spray Perfume

The Sexiest Spots On Your Body to Spray Perfume

There are certain spots on a woman’s body that have the ability to hold your favorite fragrances longer than other areas. This means that we should give these areas more attention. These are what I like to call, “sexy spots”.

Let Your Man Find Your “Sexy Spots!”

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If your favorite perfume scent is also your mans favorite scent on you then make sure you do him a favor and mark his favorite spots on your body.

These “man friendly” areas are normally the areas that your man likes to go to first. When I say first, I mean, right before its about to go down. I mean, the spots that he kisses when you two are suppose to be “Netflix and Chillin”.

If You’ve Been Living Under A Rock… I’m Here To Switch The Game Up For You!

When you become an adult, you shouldn’t be spritzing your perfume in just any ol’ kind of way. You should be very strategic with your sprays. I would like to share with you a few areas to target. In the back of your mind, you should be thinking where is bae going to kiss first??… then spray there!

Are you catching my drift? Be intentional!

Perfume, Getty Images, Sexy Spots, Kontrol mag, kontrol beauty, beauty
Marilyn Monroe- Getty Images

Behind Your Ears

When your guys comes up behind you, grabs your waist and kisses behind your ear, its because you’ve left a trail of your scent throughout the house, he wants you!

The areas behind your ears are considered, “pulse points”. These are places where the veins are closest to the skin and has the ability to creates more heat. Spraying in these areas will give you the fastest results.

Down Your Back

When he pushes you to the bed (gentle or soft…however you may like it) and starts at the top of your back to work his way down. Its your scent, you left a trail throughout the house.. he has to have you NOW!

Spraying your perfume at the top of your back allows your natural movements to radiate a subtle scent in the air from the back of you and not the front.

Behind Your Knees

As he has made his way down you back he will certainly make his way down your legs so give him another reason to “rise” and be excited about.

The area behind your knees is another “pulse point”, and in grade school we were all taught that heat rises. So, spraying perfume on the lower half of your body allows the fragrance to evaporate throughout the day. It may also be wise to rub a bit of Vaseline onto that area it will help the scent to last a bit longer.


Unknown to some, your hair has the ability to carry fragrances a lot longer than your skin. If you don’t wish to spray your perfume directly into your hair then spray it lightly onto your brush, comb or hair tie.

If you haven’t learned anything from this today, I hope that you understand that being intentional is key! Give babe a reason to be all over you! If you douched yourself in the proper areas, he wont be able to resist you!










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