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The Youngest In Charge: Fly Guy DC Talks Becoming ATL’s #1 Host and More!

The Youngest In Charge: Fly Guy DC Talks Becoming ATL’s #1 Host and More!

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Audley Feemster Jr. best known as “FlyGuyDC” or as ATL’s #1 Host. Having hosted at the top clubs to what is known as “Black Hollywood” in Atlanta. His passion for his craft continuously grows. This young king is not a one-dimensional entertainer by any means. From hosting step shows, concerts, as well as fashion shows. No doubt where there is a mic, he is the perfect fit! Fly Guy DC is well known across the state of Georgia at all campuses such as; Clark Atlanta University, where he is currently a graduating senior; Spelman College, Morehouse College, Kennesaw State, Georgia State, Clayton State, Albany State, Fort Valley and you bet the list goes on. Though, he is ATL’s #1 Host, other states and countries are getting exposed to what presidential swagger and southern charm collaborated can present.

Washington’s native who is consistently providing us with greatness, joining in on the journey to the top. Re-locating to Atlanta, Ga–Mr. Feemster has made his mark on the ATL scene. He is now branching off with an exceptional stellar reputation. Presidential qualities traveled to the South with him in his quest to be the greatest at what he does. He is the host. Also, embracing immaculate qualities that has qualified him and his mission to conquer the ATL. Fly Guy DC is in the most exclusive clubs and nightlife events. An efficient radio personality; sweeping the airwaves Monday through Friday 6pm-10pm. “FLYGUYDC” LIVE on HOLIDAY SEASON.
When he’s not standing on a platform with a microphone in hand; he is giving back to the community visiting elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges. Compiling pep rallies, tailgates and chain events. Mentoring the youth all across Georgia. Off the strength of this remarkable platform, Audley’s vision is to teach the youth the power of knowledge and embarking on long lasting success.

We all come from different backgrounds in the most unique way. And all circumstances are handled differently. Audley express how his upbringing and circumstances in particular have shaped his success.

“Yes, I feel that my upbringing has shaped my success of the simple fact that I’m very consistent, and everything that I do as far as for the community. It helps me [become] more successful. Reading to elementary school kids, tutoring and mentoring kids who are being bullied, and everything of that nature. It just shapes me in a better way and gives me a whole different outlook on me being as successful as I am.”

Growing up, it’s so natural for us as individuals to want to explore and pursue numerous career paths. Fly Guy DC discuss more about the first opportunity for him to make his initial mark as a host; and what made him actually decide to become a host.

“In all honesty, entertainment is something that I never wanted to do. I played sports my whole life; basketball, football, baseball, and then pursued basketball in college. A friend actually threw a party and asked me to talk on the mic, and I did it. Ever since then I was getting booked and booked, more and more.

The day I decided I wanted to become a host is off of the simple fact that I grew a passion for it and it’s not just talking on the mic. It’s not just parties; I enjoy giving people pleasure and making people have fun at events that I do, or just being uplifting. An impact on anybody’s life as far as them going to a club, or me speaking at an event. Anything of that nature.”

All this flavor in one name! Somebody’s gotta’ do it right? Mr. Fly Guy without wings himself goes in about where the actual name “FlyGuyDC” came from.

“Well, I’m from Washington, DC. I stayed in DC my whole life. I moved out here (Atlanta) when I was about seventeen years old. It used to be “Such A FLY GUY DC”. I transformed from that because I felt it was kiddie, and it wasn’t appealing to every market and it was too long. So, I went with “FLY GUY” because it was more mature. It stands out more, it’s shorter. Just in general; everything that I do as far as the versatility in the way that I dress, the way I speak, the way I carry myself, and my demeanor. Everything is just a “Fly Era” with me. Rather than a dull moment. Everything’s so full of energy and fly!”

An active leader in the community visiting grade students; reading and speaking to students about obtaining knowledge and staying in school. Audley express what drove him to focus so closely on that and exactly why he feels it’s so necessary to reach out.

“I’m actually still in school right now. I’m about to graduate May 16th from Clark Atlanta University with a 3.5 GPA. Me being 24 years old, not ever drinking, not ever smoking; I just feel like I can make a change in the youth as far as them not going down the wrong path–with peer pressure and everything of that nature. Also, they can relate to me more than they can relate to your average radio personality. Everybody’s almost ten years older than me, or older, so it’s like I’m the bridge where they aren’t getting the info from their parents. If they hear it from someone who’s around their age bracket, or who looks similar to them, or have some of the same views as them; they can take it more and it comes across different. So, that’s what made me want to do it, because I feel like I can bridge the gap, and help them change the future as far as helping a lot of young kids go in the right direction; or the right path.”

Consistently enlightening the youth with a strong passion and motivation to provide his efforts, Audley speaks upon what he enjoys the most about the connection he has with the kids and more importantly what do he chooses to embrace throughout the events that are held with them. Also, conveying the quality of purpose and the need to give back–Audley talks more about whether he anticipates on possibly establishing his very own non-profit for the youth in the future.

“Yes! That’s already in the works. I’m going to start a scholarship foundation. It’s not too much I can speak on, because I don’t like to speak on plans before they’re set. But, I am definitely in the works of starting that. They will be called; “FLY GUY DC Scholars, or FLY GUY DC Achievers. It’s something around that nature that’ll bridge the gap between schools, and then me. There will be a scholar for every grade level. Meaning you [will] have the elementary school, middle school, and then the high school. And the high school one would be a larger sum of money off of the simple fact that they’re going to college. [Also] there will be a dorm take-over where I will help with all of the dorm stuff and everything of that nature. It’s not solid yet, I’m still working on it and everything, but I’m definitely are already in the works of starting a non-profit organization.”

While he’s effortlessly reaching milestones at the age of 24; it is quite outstanding how many years he has been hosting for alongside other accomplishments during this time in the entertainment industry.

“I’ve been in the entertainment industry for four years. As a strong host and a solid host with a solid foundation; I’ve been doing it for about two years. Everybody else [has] been in the game 7 or 8+ years. And everything I’ve already accomplished, a lot of people haven’t.”

Fly Guy DC goes on to discuss what goes on behind the scenes of Audley Feemster, the college student–and for those who aren’t aware of his academic status, besides hosting.

“Outside of hosting, I’m actually two different people. FLY GUY DC is the cocky, flashy, speaks his mind; he’s basically my alter ego. Audley on the other hand, is very humbled. He listens, and as far as school wise, Audley is so focused. His main goal is Criminal Justice. That’s my major actually. If entertainment doesn’t work out, my fall back will be Criminal Justice as a CSI Agent. I want to go into Forensic. Audley is the family type. I have a really strong foundation with my mom, my brothers, and my sisters. They look up to me a lot. But, Audley is just the exact opposite of FLY GUY DC. Everything that people see in the light with FLY GUY DC; I’m not like that. Me as a person, outside of the club.”

The 365 Awards is where Audley had the honor of receiving The People’s Choice Awards. That was not the end of many accomplishments to endeavor onward. He proudly acknowledges upcoming ventures he plans on accomplishing throughout the year to develop his ambition and to also further his career.

“I’m working on getting on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. I’m also working on some things with BET. I just recently became a Footaction Brand Influencer and a part of the Footaction family. I was [also] in a blog with Footaction they did for their very first ever Footaction look book for Atlanta. Though, I’ve been published inside of that, I’m looking forward to more things with Footaction. Just bettering my career, bettering myself as a person and just becoming the best at what I do as far as a host, and as a radio personality. Just me as a young African-American male. [Also] becoming and doing the best of my abilities to change, or change the future.”

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Having hosted at the top clubs in Atlanta, his work ethic is quite admirable and his craft continuously grows. Also as a radio personality on Streetz94.5. Audley confidently talks what ways he incorporates hosting to help deliver his message as a young mogul. Exactly how does it make him feel not only to appear as a leader alongside empowering the youth, but when thousands tune in to listen to what he has to say on the radio.

“Hosting is a big platform, and as far as me and my social media, and everything that I do; is a positive look. It’s nothing negative with any of my social media. Of course when I host in the club; yeah I curse here and there, but as far as being so positive throughout everything else I do- I just feel that it’s a platform where I can be as positive as I want. People will listen to it because of the place that I’m in as of right now in my life and my career.”

Now, “What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.” May come off as cocky, and you might be right. But, having tough skin in this industry while having the respect to back up for it is self-explanatory. Nobody can do you, like you do you. And, what is for you, will always be. Moreover, as long as you are on your game, there’s nothing to be questioned and, there’s no need to explain. With such mantra, Mr. Fly Guy elaborates more on why that may represent him as an individual in the industry.

“It honestly represents me, and this might come across cocky, but it speaks for itself. I’m the best at what I do, numbers don’t lie and bookings don’t lie. And the people doesn’t lie. Just in general, that goes with anything in life; even when I go to the schools I use that saying–“What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained” to the kids off of the simple fact that if they’re doing what they’re supposed to do, they wouldn’t have to explain to anybody. If they’re reading like they’re supposed to, if they’re going to school like they’re supposed to, there wouldn’t be [any] rebuttals with anybody because they’re doing everything that they’re supposed to do. It’s not just in the sense of hosting; I use it more in my everyday life.”

The key to the game is to stay grounded and mold yourself, so that greatness will reimburse; naturally. Living by yet another mantra “Staying humble is key” which, is my favorite. Fly Guy DC breaks it down for us and elaborate more on how that justifies “What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.”

“That message is strictly for anybody who just thinks that they’re at the top; and off of the simple fact, God can take anything away from you. The same way that it came, it can leave. That’s what “Staying humble is key” is for. I mean just to level off myself as an individual. Like I said, “What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained” is more on the cocky side, and “Staying humble is key” is more of a grounded-level, and positive saying. As quick as anything came, it can be taken away.”

Upon being recently welcomed to the Foot Action family as an official Brand Influencer. He eagerly talks more about this year’s upcoming news and what we could be looking forward to.

“It’s a lot you could be looking forward to as far as events, Footaction, and as far as me going to other cities and states on the behalf of Footaction. Then, you could also look for a sneaker expo that I’m going to put on myself, and a sneaker drive that I’m going to put on myself. As far as giving back to people who can’t afford, or homeless people, and as far as giving them shoes, clothes, and shelter. So, those are the two major things I’m working on now, which is a Sneaker Expo and a sneaker drive for the less fortunate. And with me doing that; I know that I could easily get Footaction to sponsor it, or anything of that nature because once again, it’s something positive!”

With the dopest new wave. Audley goes on to tell us more about his personal experience as a feature in Atlanta’s first ever Footaction Look book, and the newest styles we could find.


“It was amazing! Something I’d never thought I’d be doing. I mean, the whole ore of it was incredible from going to the photoshoots, meeting the other Footaction family, representatives, and meeting people who’s over Footaction. District managers, and going to their events. It was just all overwhelming and phenomenal! As far as styles from Footaction; it’s a lot coming! [As forementioned] I was featured in the blog, and the first ever Footaction Look book. I was in Diamond’s Supply clothing, I was in the latest pair of New Balance, which was really dope! It’s so much that the company has to offer. They’re already on a world-wide platform, so, just being welcomed in to their family made me feel better about myself as a human being.”

What doesn’t go unnoticed is Audley’s consistency. We all should acknowledge our young kings in the light of positivity when we get the chance to. As well as commend them upon their hard work. While being a notable inspiration, and leader to the youth; Fly Guy DC express the advice he would give to individuals of his era that may aspire to pursue the entertainment industry as well.

“As far as the entertainment industry, be yourself. That’s rule number one. Create your own sound, stay consistent, and grind! If you’re successful with those four things, then everything else will come. It might take years, it might take months, but everything will come if you stay mindful of those four things and you stay level-headed and stay humbled.”

The entertainment industry is rapidly evolving nowadays. While Fly Guy DC continues to dominate his career; he discusses his aspirations and commitments to the industry moving forward, and what makes him stand out besides being a prodigy endowing exceptional qualities.

“I stand out because I’m not a one-dimensional person. And to elaborate, I’m not just a host or a radio personality that can only host parties, or only host clubs. I can do it all from fashion shows, to cookouts, and step-shows. I mean anything where there is a DJ, or there is a person talking on a mic, I can do. That separates me a lot because I’m so versatile. What else separates me is that I’m not your average. Like I said, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I’ve never done neither, and I just have a lot on my plate. Then, by me grinding for so long and never had a handout–I cherish everything that comes my way rather than taking it for granted, because I had to work for it.”

It is also remarkable for the select few that chooses to take the initiative to be impactful towards our society, and deterministic to build a bright future. Audley concludes our interview and express where he hopes to see “Fly Guy DC” in 5 years.

“In five years, I’ll be the biggest radio personality in the world. I’ll have a fiancé, and I’ll be crossing over from the radio personality lane to the TV life with no kids.”

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Written by Camry Brown


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