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Trend Alert: Unnaturally Colored Hair

Spring has reintroduced the world to some great and even reoccurring trends this year! One of the many current trends that have been spotted most recently is: unnaturally colored hair! Unnaturally colored hair meaning hair with colors that can’t naturally be grown or found in human hair.


Among many celebrities that are dawning the current and seemingly hottest new trend are people like Chris Brown (@chrisbrownofficial) and Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner). They both started out along the lines with more of a teal like color. For a while Chris’ while head was teal and Kylie has had black to real ombré hair with and without weave in her hair.  Most recently pictures surfaces of their new hair color choices right around time for Coachella seems like it. Chris is currently dawning an artistic array of colors that most resembles the skittles rainbow on his head, and apparent the real tips weren’t really doing it for Ky Ky so she now has fully dolphin teal long mermaid weave in her hair. Late to the teal trend Amber Rose (@amberrose) also joined the unicorn and or mermaid crew when she got her scalp hairs colored blue. Chris Brown’s most recent collaboration with Tyga (@kinggoldchains) and his ongoing relationship with Ky must have influenced him as well because Tyga recently dawned pictures of his new ravishing red locks on his Instagram.



This trend is a carry over from the pastel hair color trend that was hot last year amongst many celebrities like the infamous Raven Symoné (@ravensymonecp). When she dawned her pastel blue/teal and purple/lavender hair last year it made a lot of noise on social media. The trend is growing and changing.


In society unnaturally colored hair is not widely accepted especially in the job field. I myself have pink hair, but like Raven and Chris I am an artist. Artist’s tend to be different and show awareness to causes and even self through clothing and hair. Should hair color really play that big of a part in society and the workplace? is this trend hot or hmm… You be the deciding factor, but always remember to free your mind and express yourself.

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