Trending: Stylish Eyewear

As you all know, anything that you put on can be made into a fashion statement and that includes your eyewear.  For those of us who need glasses, finding frames that are stylish and functional is a task that we take seriously and can be difficult with all the different options that are on the market now.  There is also the other task of finding frames that fit and can compliment the overall shape of your face.

With boutique eyewear companies popping up (i.e. and major fashion power houses putting out stylish and cutting edge eyewear, even those that do not need prescription eyewear are tempted to cop a pair.  For those that do not need prescriptions, please get mock lenses for your frames; lense-less frames are a no go this season!

Check out my top 5 below at ranging price points and styles!


Ray-Ban 5299 glasses, $200.


J.Crew Glasses, $169.


Balenciaga Glasses, $198.


Warby Parker Glasses, $95.


Nasty Gal Glasses, $20.


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