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The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Guide

The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Guide

Happy Monday–and a very festive one at that! The only thing I really think about in May besides Mothers’ Day is Cinco De Mayo! For those of you who, like me, would rather keep the tequilafied you in home… here’s the ultimate guide to the perfect IN-HOME hosted Cinco De Mayo Party! Remember, Drinko De Mayo more than likely means Tequila and plenty of it! So please, consider staying in this year, we don’t need anyone drinking and driving!

Food Ideas:


Nacho/Taco Bar – this is super easy and half the decorations (let me tell it anyway). I found this really cute nacho bar idea from atozcelebrations.com and I loved it! The only thing I would add to this wonderful idea is also having some soft tortillas or taco shells along side the nacho chips because as easily as nachos can be made, so can tacos! It’s easy set-up, easy to eat, and even easier to clean-up! You can’t beat it!

Nacho/Taco Bar ingredients:

    • Cheese (at least three types for us cheese lovers out there–you should also have melted and shredded)
    • Shredded Lettuce
    • Salsa (this is another ingredient you’ll want to have a few varieties of–not everyone likes hot salsa!)
    • Sour Cream
    • Veggies (banana peppers, green peppers, chopped onions, tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, jalapenos)
    • Guacamole
    • Ground Turkey or Beef (if you can, you should offer both)
    • Beans (Another ingredient it would be great to have a variety of–black, pinto, or red)
    • Rice


Easy Appetizers – If it were me I would make the nacho/taco bar the main course. Some other good ideas for quick eats are a few of these appetizers to hold the hunger off!

    • Jalapeno poppers (available at any grocery store or easily DIY accomplished)
    • Dips (you can get as creative as you want with this. Since you’re already having nachos try using veggie stix or something else to dip)
    • Also try a few of these ideas from Girls Night In: Margarita Party


Desserts – I’m not big on sweets, but I have to admit. When I found most of these recipes my mouth started to water!

    • Cucumber Honeydew Margarita Popsicles (YES PLEASE! These are bound to be a huge hit with your guests! Here is one recipe, but google has a billion others!) Click here to view the full recipe
    • Margarita Lime Jello Cubes (These power-packed cubes make taking tequila shots so much smoother and easier–especially when it’s dipped in lime sugar! Mmm!) Click here to view the full recipe
    • Margarita Cupcakes (These are so much fun because you can brush the cake with liquor as well as adding a moderate amount to the frosting! What a sweet treat!) Click here to view the full recipe
    • Corona Lime Cupcakes (These caught me by surprise! I cannot WAIT to try these bad boys out! If Corona is not your thing, try a different beer!) Click here to view the full recipe


Drink Ideas:

Classic [ Flavored ] Margaritas

Raspberry Palomas – Muddled raspberries, jalapeno slices, lime juice and agave syrup combined with a refreshing drink made with silver tequila and grapefruit juice topped with club soda and garnished with fresh raspberries. Click here to view the full recipe

Tequila Sangria – Sparkling wine, silver tequila, lemon-lime soda, triple-sec, and sliced fruit create the most fantastic blend in this heavenly sangria! A huge hit with white wine drinkers. Click here to view the full recipe

Frosty Mexican Bulldog Margarita  (for the fellas, of course!) – Your classic margarita topped with Grand Marnier and blended with real orange and lime juice, with an ice-cold, delicious corona pouring inside your margarita glass! Click here to view the full recipe


Game/Activity Ideas:

Piñata – Cinco de Mayo is no Cinco de Mayo without a piñata! Keep in mind the best place to hang this up is outside, especially if everyone is going to be drinking! The fun comes with what you choose to fill it with. Here are a few adult ideas:

    • Condoms
    • Novelty Items like cash, sex dice, and other small items in small containers (this will vary depending on your friends, but think of it like an adult easter egg hunt. You could even use left over plastic eggs from Easter!)
    • Candy (you have to have candy)
    • Small shot bottles

Shot Glass Roulette – This is a fun activity for any gathering really, but it will be a ton of fun for such a festive event like Cinco de Mayo! Keep calm, not all of the shots have liquor in them and please be sure to monitor and moderate what glasses do have alcohol in them and that you are using a consistent type of alcohol (yes, that would be tequila in this instance).

Adult Version of Kids Games

    • Musical Chairs – How fun was musical chairs as a kid. Well, we’re sprucing it up a bit so it’s still fun today! You know the old rules, so its the same (but with better music) and as people get out they take a shot.
    • Simon Says – I can only imagine how funny drunk Simon will be. If you don’t do as Simon says, you drink! If Simon says to drink… YOU DRINK!
    • Telephone – Ha! Remember this game, where the head of the line whispers a sentence into the next persons ear and by the time it gets to the last person it’s nothing like what was said! Same thing, only when you dissect the message each person who altered the original message must drink!


Hangover Remedies:

Seeing as how just about everything we’ve talked about today consists of alcohol, let’s be cautious and prepare for the hangover. Personally, if I know I’m going to be doing a little more drinking than normal, I eat a hearty meal, take a goody powder and drink a gatorade prior to getting started. If you don’t remember to take proper precautions here are a few ways to cure a hangover naturally.

Bananas. When you’re urinating a lot because of alcohol, you’re losing potassium.

Soup, Bread, or Rice. Each of these will help to soak up the alcohol in your body. I also like to eat mashed potatoes when I’m hungover. It really helps.

Ginger Root. If you can, brew some ginger tea and squeeze some fresh lemon or orange juice to the blend. If you cannot brew tea, your best bet will be ginger ale and plenty of it!

Lemon and Honey. Just like a hot toddy cures a cold.. hot water, lemon, and honey is an excellent natural remedy for a bad headache.

Sports Drinks. Your body needs hydration. Dehydration results in a hangover. Put electrolytes back into your body by drinking vitamin water, gatorade, or powerade. It’s also very wise to drink one of these sports drinks prior to actually consuming alcohol! 

Juice and Water. If food is too hard for you to start with, go ahead and drink juice and water. Drink as much water as you possibly can and if your stomach is upset be sure to stay away from acidic juices like orange juice or grapefruit juice. It’s better to select cranberry or apple juice instead.

REST. In order for your  body to regroup, you’re going to have to take it easy kiddo. Get plenty of rest and add a cold towel to your head when you lay down!

I’m excited for the holiday and I hope today’s read will prepare you for a very safe, fun, and festive Cinco de Mayo!




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