Unapologetic and Authentic: Meet Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Ariane Davis

Unapologetic and authentic would be accurate adjectives to use when describing Ariane Davis, cast member of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. With a couple of seasons under her belt, Ariane has certainly created her own voice and lane on the show. As season 4 of Love & Hip Hop is in full swing, a bubbling modeling and singing career, and a thriving love life with girlfriend, DJ Toni K, we took time out to catch up with the southern beauty to get the tea on the show and to find out what projects she is currently working on.

Everyone has their reasons and motives for allowing cameras to follow their daily life in the cult of a following that has been created in reality TV shows. Ariane is of no exception. As we know, reality shows can make or break some of its stars. However, Ariane is trying to ensure that she is a part of the former. “My decision to do the show was all about God’s timing of my time. It’s now my time to do the things that I’ve dreamt about and fulfill my dreams. It almost fell in my lap. I appreciate Mona giving me the op- portunity,” she says. “Now I feel like I can build the Ariane Empire that I’ve always wanted to,” Ariane mentions with complete confidence.

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While Ariane has her motives for being a part of the show, she knows that it comes at a price, both good and bad. “The monetary benefits are awesome. The exposure and notoriety and being able to move a little bit more freely around this industry. This industry is very tough,” she says drifting off a bit. “I’ve seen it take a toll on some people.”

And take a toll on some it has. Especially those who are not ready for the whirlwind of a life that the entertainment industry can create, especially the unique entertainment world of reality TV. As an audience, we have seen how a character from a reality show can evolve from season to season. This evolution is not always a good one; it’s a sad reminder that reality stars are normal people with everyday issues that just so happen to be taped for the world to dissect. While some reality stars are able to remain true to themselves like Ariane, others don’t. “It’s creating bad habits because they fall into a type of depression. It can be overwhelming to some people if you don’t have, one a strong team, and two your own personal strength. I feel like when they start going into this depression they are fighting other de- mons as well,” she says. “So we never know what people are going through before this.” Check out the rest of the story in the Pure Glamour Issue at your Local Barnes and Nobles or get a copy HERE

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Photography by Allen Cooley
Make up by Mimi johnson (Instagram: mimijonline), Hair by Leatha Haynes (www.lecreations.life) Styled by: Julian R. Lark, (instagram julianlark), Nail Tech: Bresay (Instagram: yntbresay)

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