Unapologetic Fashion Killer: Rihanna

Internationally and globally known superstar, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is one of today’s most influential people in the fashion and music world.  Gracing the March 2014 cover of Vogue, Rihanna is someone you can definitely count on to continuously amaze you with her style.  Along with several successful albums also came several different eras of fashion that we all witnessed the megastar pull off.  One thing for sure with Rihanna’s style you can always count on her fashions to not only be high-fashion but even culturally inspired fashions as well.  Whether it’s the evolution of her clothing or hair, Rihanna herself has become her own trend.


Rihanna Loud

Fashionistas around the world all noticed a change in Rihanna’s style during her Loud era.  Rihanna’s style once again switched up as she was seen in more soft and feminine looks.  As seen in her infamous “What’s My Name” and “Man Down” videos, Rihanna wore more prints, stripes, and colors that were not dark and gloomy but more pastel.  Most famously known from the Loud era was the superstar’s stripe blazer that she paired with printed mini shorts and of course her lavish red locks of hair.

Talk that Talk/ Unapologetic:

Rihanna TTT

Talk That Talk and Unapologetic gave Rihanna the fashion outlet she needed to crossover into another trend.   With the help of popular designers such as Givenchy and even Rihanna’s own fashion line, Rihanna for River Island, the pop star was able to mix her Barbados street styles with runway pieces.  Seen in her jean dungarees, army fatigue, printed top and bottom sets, and even sneakers, Rihanna’s style just won’t stop evolving and the fashion industry love it!

Rihanna Switches on the Westfield Stratford City Christmas Lights in London on November 19, 2012

It’s been proven over many fashion eras that Rihanna is just one of those all around stars that can successfully convey any look and still make it…high fashion.

Rayquan Taylor

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