V-DAY Gifts for Fashion/Beauty Enthusiasts!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and everyone with a partner is sure to enjoy one another on this lover’s holiday. Although v-day is about appreciating love, let’s be honest; the gift, (or if your lucky, gifts) is just as important as spending time with your significant other. Not to diminish the meaning of the day, but the truth is we all look forward to the perks that come with this holiday to some degree. Now, every woman is different and may not want anything related to her fashion or beauty regimen as a gift. But, for those of us who do, there is nothing better than being gifted with items that we actually want and will use. To surprise the fashionista in your life with the perfect gift, or to find great ones for yourself, you must know what you like and what is missing from your collection. Once that is understood, then it is time to hunt these pieces down.

Seeing that fashion and beauty are one in the same, you should not only buy garments for your wardrobe, but make up items as well. When stylish women get dressed it’s all about achieving a complete look. So don’t forget to buy that new mascara you’ve been thinking about; or the new blush you know will look beautiful on your skin. Gifters, this applies to you as well. If you hear her talking about something, lock it in your memory, and put on the list. While browsing, I found some awesome ideas for valentines day gifts/purchases. If you are shopping for  the actual day, these items work perfectly also. Check them out!

– Sasha-Gay Trusty.

CC lace romper for vday 

How cute is this lace romper? It’s perfect for lounging around after date night. Get it HERE for only $48.

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