WEtv’s “Sisters in Law,” Star Jolanda “Jo” Jones Dishes on Career, Costars and More

WEtv new reality series star “Sisters in Law,” Jolanda “Jo” Jones is a statuesque beauty with the brains to match.

The Houston, Texas-native is a spit-fire on the hit series, which follows the life of Jones and several co-stars/colleagues, who are a tight-knit group of powerful, elite black female lawyers in Houston tackling tough cases, fighting community injustices, and battling controversy, amidst struggling to maintain their friendship.

According to Jones, the show is a refreshing deferment from other reality shows that tend to paint African-American women in a poor light.

 “It feels humbling and awesome to be a positive portrayal of Black womanhood especially with the media’s tendency to show us as angry Black women.”

Additionally, Jones believes the series provides audiences with view of the criminal justice system from a different perspective not traditionally seen on T.V.

“It is the first time that a law and order show is shown from a criminal defense perspective rather than from the police, prosecution and/or complaining witness perspective.”

Although, most of the time, these women get along, make no mistake, viewers will also get a front-row seat of how their strong personalities occasionally clash.

“We get along sometimes and sometimes we don’t. I tend not to hang around with lawyers because they often times take themselves way more seriously than I take myself in non-work times. One of my co-stars takes credit for everything and that irritates me. Another, of my co-stars, judges people by how much money and etiquette they have which is the complete opposite of me. Another of my co-stars is a self-anointed mediator which annoys me too. A number of my co-stars try to force me to deal with things they believe I should deal with in the manner they think is appropriate and that likewise irritates me. Notwithstanding these irritations we remain friends and work through our issues most times.”

Though the series may be new, Jones’ career in law and political activism is not. In fact, the criminal lawyer has more than 30 years’ experience in fighting justice for her community, including owning her own law firm since 1998, affirming, “Injustice against anyone is an affront to justice to all of us. Silence is tantamount to support of injustice and oppression. I know who I am. I am an Angela Davis-type; a Stokely Carmichel-type. I am a Malcolm X-type to Martin. I was raised to be an activist and use my intellectual tools to fight oppression.”

For viewers unfamiliar with her polarizing personality, Jones says the show will surely be an opportunity to get an in-depth perspective of her and her co-stars love for law and, more importantly, their dedication to their clients.

“You can expect to see my authentic self which is a lot! I have been called a force of nature. That’s totally accurate because I am passionate about the things I believe in. I have learned over the course of my life that people either love me and would die for me or hate me and if they could kill me and get away with it they would try. Just know that my co-stars and I share a love of the law and fighting for our clients.”

And like many of her clients, Jones endured insurmountable challenges growing up, including losing her father to suicide, which she was present to witness. It’s these challenges that, she asserts, are what drive her success and the success of others.

“With all of the tragedy in my life the only thing that makes sense is that I was placed on this earth to profoundly and positively affect humanity.”

As her celebrity continues to blossom, Jones’ goal is to continue use her platform to empower future generations, particularly African-American youth by encouraging them to be inquisitive, inspired and courageous.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. If you don’t understand ask questions. The dumbest questions are those you don’t ask. If you are Black always remember that we descend from kings and queens and warrior chiefs not murderers, thugs, rapists and addicts. Don’t allow others to define you. Define yourself! Be courageous enough to stand up when you are right even if everyone else believes you are wrong. Figure out who you are. Embrace who you are! Accept you in your authentic self and love you. Only then can and will you be all that you are and were meant to be!”







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