Where is Julius!?! Beyoncé And Her Over Zealous Fans Are At It Again!

Another over zealous fan goes too far! Over the weekend, Beyoncé performed in  Sao Paulo, Brazil last night where one shirtless fan got too excited!  While performing “Irreplacable” Beyoncé hugged a gentleman during her performance but his eagerness caused him to grab on too tight, pulling Beyonce off the stage!  Y’all!!! These fans are getting out of control, it seems like her fans overseas have no manners. Remember the weave pulling incident? Anyhow, security was quick with it to remove the man but being the graceful woman that Beyoncé is,  after she sang,  she stopped her security team and shook the man’s hand saying,

“Hey, hey, hey. It’s alright. Let me meet the gentleman. It’s alright, what’s your name? Thank you.I love you too” 

If these fans don’t get it together, they just might mess it up for the sane ones. Would you have let the man be escorted out?