Whiten you Smile: Infinity White Tooth Protectant


Akeem J.

Fashion & Beauty Editor

Having a great smile goes hand in hand with great style. Beauty and fashion after all are very much one in the same; it’s impractical to have one without the other.  As a habitual coffee/tea drinker myself, I understand all too well the struggles of trying to achieve the feat of having a radiant smile. As a lifestyle/fashion expert, I’m always challenging myself to branch out more and try new products–if not simply for your sake. That’s why I’m so relieved and equally excited that I came across Infinity White Tooth Shade Protectant. Teeth whitening has been made an easier and more affordable task, thanks to the work of Infinity White Protectant, creator Dr. William B. Dragan.

Infinitely White Tooth Shade Protectant is a time saving , cost efficient, product that can be included in your daily oral hygiene routine. Its build to resist the foods that are notoriously known for staining teeth; Infinity White Tooth Protectant resists oral blemishes by using a liquid, micro-crystalline barrier that you swipe on every morning after brushing and before eating/drinking.  The tooth shade protectant is derived from the finest ingredients for your comfort and oral health. They include: a refreshing blast of peppermint oil, mineral oil, micro-crystalline wax, vitamin E, and dicalcium pyrophosphate. These five ingredients create a complex barrier of protection over your teeth that you won’t feel, and that won’t change the way you drink or enjoy food.

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With this tooth shade protectant, you no longer have to worry about staining your teeth from coffee, wine, berries, tea, tobacco and red sauces. Go ahead and dig in to your favorite treats. Infinity White has got your teeth covered–literally. Costing no more than $15, Infinity White ranks as one of the beauty industry’s top tooth whitening enhancement products. You can find more information about Infinity White at their site, InfinitelyWhite.com


Fashion/Beauty Editor