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Wonderful Wine for Holiday Parties 2022

Wonderful Wine for Holiday Parties 2022

While we all celebrate the holidays differently, delicious refreshments are a seasonal requirement across the board. Wine is almost certain to be around. Whether it’s sharing a glass of wine solo or with a partner, an evening with friends or celebrating with family for the holidays, wine is more likely than not found somewhere on the menu. If you’re looking to bring a bottle of wine to a gathering or are just want to expand your palate, this list can help to point you in the right direction. Even if wine isn’t something you’re familiar with, this selection of bubbly wines is sure to be a hit at any holiday party you attend this Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve. If you’re someone with a more experienced palate, the intention is the same, to simply enlighten you on a variety of delicious wines.

Below you’ll find Kontrol Mag’s list of wonderful wines to buy this holiday season.


Malvira Birbet

Malvira Birbet comes from three vineyard sites in Roero, Italy. This deep red, sparkling wine pairs well with holiday desserts. It carries a strong berry aroma, with slight notes of raspberry, rosehip and strawberry. Malvira Birbet would pair well with a chocolate dessert and would be excellent for a wine and cheese night (charcuterie).


Fior d’arancio colli euganei – Cantina Colli Euganei

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with pronouncing this wine’s name, however I can tell you a few other things about it. This is another wonderful sparkling Italian white wine, made with white grape and has notes of refreshing green apple and orange. This wine is definitely something that I favor in making mimosas. I’d recommend this drink because it’s what I’d call a safe selection to opt for that I believe most people will enjoy. It’s a white sparkling wine that can be served alone or added to other things.

Joyus Wines


Sparkling Rose

There are a number of reasons why someone may not be able to consume alcohol, but that’s not the first reason I’d recommend opting for Joyus wine. This is an excellent selection to have to celebrate something. What I love about this wine is how it lingers on the tongue with bright, sweet hints of rose, strawberry, and apple. This alcohol-free wine tastes and behaves like a wine with alcohol would. Its packaged and boxed like a (champagne) and has the same classic froth that a great sparkling wine is expected to have.


Sparkling Wine

This refreshing, sparkling white wine has notes of apple, pear and a slight hint of melon. Outside of being an alcohol-free wine, Joyus sparkling wine is a delicious option to have in your personal selection. Like the Rose, the sparkling wine sweetly lingers on the palate. On a more personal note, I can honestly say that opening a bottle of Joyus wine feels like a celebration in itself. Whether it’s for a graduation, promotion, baby-shower, wedding, or celebrating a job well-done after a long week, Joyus is a great and delicious wine selection to have this season.


Cipriani Bellini

Peach is already one of my favorite fruits, so its easy to see why this would end up on the list. Peach bellini is one of my all-time favorite cocktails. Its simple, bright and so refreshing. There are a few different brands that you can try, however this selection by Cipriani is one that I prefer. Sparkling prosecco with sweet peach nectar make Cipriani bellini a perfect additive to mimosas or served as a stand-alone drink.


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