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Lizzo Sheer Dress

Style Talk: Lizzo and the Sheer Dress

Facebook0Twitter4Google PLuse04Shares 19 Views Pop-star Lizzo wore a sheer dress to Cardi-B’s birthday event this past weekend. A sheer dress is a unique subject in fashion and is very risky thing to pull off successfully. The sheer dress Lizzo wore at Cardi B’s birthday party this past weekend has garnered more attention than the event

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Casadei C Chain Chunky Heel

The Return of Chunky Heels

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 6 Views Chunky Heels have returned for the fall/winter 2021 season and they’re fresher and more fabulous than ever. There’s something seriously nostalgic about a chunky heel with a platform. Chunky heels have reemerged on and off again over the years, and they always have a glamorous 90’s vibe that I can’t get

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Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer

Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Royal Princess, Diana Spencer

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 7 Views Popularly known as ‘people’s princess,’ princess Diana has bestowed a jewelry collection, very few people in the world have. Her sense of style, attitude towards people reflected a lot through the jewelry she wore. Her impeccable taste in different kinds of jewelry could also be seen adorned by royal family members

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Michael Jonvier - Entertainment

Karen Civil

Where Does She Go From Here? Life for Karen Civil AFTER the Hacker Scandal

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 33 Views Twitter is literally popping like Reddenbaucher popcorn courtesy of the internet’s latest scandal. As you may already know, Karen Civil, a noted social media and digital media marketing strategist, hired a teen hacker (allegedly paying him $20K) to take down Jason Lee’s popular entertainment page, “Hollywood Unlocked;” after they refused to

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Best Sport Simulators and Tournaments in 2021

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 13 Views If you are wondering how big sports are, you just need to take a look at some numbers posted by major sporting clubs. While the game itself is the biggest reason people follow each sport, sporting products still love each game. From minor leagues to fantasy football and then simulation games,

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Monogamy Season 3! Vanessa Simmons & Blue Kimble Give The Deets!

Monogamy Season 3! Vanessa Simmons & Blue Kimble Give The Deets!

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 24 Views “AllBlk’s” hit series, “Monogamy” is back for its third season! The series, based on a group of couples trying an experimental therapy in a last ditch effort to save their relationships while healing or succumbing to harrowing temptations. Kontrol grabbed an interview with two of the series stars, Vanessa Simmons and

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girl gamer wear headphone competition play video game online with smartphone.

The Perfect Gaming Balance: Myth and Reality

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 21 Views Every computer game to become successful must build a perfect game balance. Or at least try. Although game balance, as you know, does not exist, there are hypotheses, myths, and ways of how to find it. This is an attempt to make the game more cohesive and playable.  If the game

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Beautiful Girl in California

Why Visiting California Needs to Be on Your Bucket List

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 8 Views Almost everybody has a bucket list these days, a list of things to do and places to see before they, well, kick the bucket. If you don’t have a bucket list, then you need to make one. Put doing that on your bucket list, okay? While you’re at it, you should

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Kontrol The Brand

Black Man Using Coupon App For Groceries Shopping In Supermarket

Save a Handsome Amount by Applying Coupons

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 11 Views When you apply a coupon to purchase your trip or vacation from Expedia, you will get many benefits to apply coupons. You will save money on your trip when you apply a coupon. Coupons are a great way to save money, especially if you are traveling during peak travel times. Here

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Bitcoin is Now Fully Legal in South Korea – Jot it Down

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 6 Views Everyone around the world is using bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies. It is only fair if all of us could share this platform alike. In the beginning, cryptocurrencies were banned in South Korea, and this deprived them of online wealth. South Korean National Assembly, a day after Indian Supreme Court, lifted

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Support is Available for Cancer Patients

What Type of Support is Available for Cancer Patients?

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 8 Views Cancer is a diagnostic difficult to digest, but it’s no longer a death sentence due to scientific research and advanced medical practices. In fact, if caught early, the chances of survival and complete recovery are high (of course, the situation can be influenced by particular factors, specific to each individual case).

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IMG 4249

Get The 411 On Studio 905 Hair Boutique!

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 9 Views The first federally recognized Juneteenth holiday weekend just passed and Kontrol Magazine opted to spread the love by giving back and partnering with Studio 905 Hair Boutique! Studio 95, located in the historic area of Downtown Conyers, GA; is chalked full of a few of the most amazing stylists in the

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Health & Wellness

Man In Bathroom Taking Vitamin Supplement Tablets

Tips To Choose the Right Men’s Health Supplements

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 9 Views Men’s health has taken a backseat in recent years. Men’s health concerns aren’t as big of a focus as they used to be and we continue to see the same old issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED), testosterone levels, and depression. Some men’s health concerns include erectile dysfunction and low testosterone

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Patients of rehab centre

What To Look For In A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 16 Views There comes a time when a habit becomes an addiction. Some people are able to recognize that they have a problem and sort it out on their own. Overcoming an addiction is a huge challenge and doing it alone is not for everybody. Usually, there needs to be a professional involved

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6 reasons you should shop at HUTCH BABY

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 2 Views If you don’t know about Hutch Baby, I’m here to give you 6 reasons why you must shop with them. 1.HUTCH BABY HAS A HUGE SELECTION Hutch baby carries baby, toddler and big kid clothing. Not to mention, they have shoes and accessories for the little ones. They have a selection

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Harlem & Chanel for Kontrol Magazine

Being Harlem’s Mommy

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 4 Views Miss Harlem, is almost 2 yrs old. I still can’t believe I’m her mommy. Seems so unreal to me, one day you can be walking with a whole Human in you! And 36-41 weeks later, you’ve taken on a new title as Harlem’s MOMMY! Becoming a parent, doesn’t come with a manual.

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Harlem for Kontrol Mompreneur

5 reasons Harlem and mommy love Coterie Diapers

Facebook0Twitter0Google PLuse00Shares 7 Views Hey Mommy’s They’re are so many diaper options these days, the question is which one do you choose? As a new mommy, we want to make sure we’re choosing all the right products including diapers that won’t harm our little ones. You’ll find yourself going crazy, trying to make the best

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