1 Garb 3 Looks: Fall Edition

Fall, a transitioning time for everyone to fully bring out the winter gear and brace him or herself for the cold weather. For this fall season I am going to show you three ways to wear different clothing items that one would usually wear in the summer, and through examples change your mindset into wearing them for the fall.

This week we are going to focus on ripped jeans. This item is a favorite clothing item for ladies that can be easily work with sandals, and a tank top. But, how do you wear this item in the fall? We will be using Kim K. for inspiration and with her examples we will see three different ways to wear ripped jeans.


Example 1: This is the perfect outfit to wear on a night out with your friends. Dress your favorite pair of ripped jeans with a simple tee, a dark colored blazer, and some stilettos.


Example 2: This outfit is similar to example one but more appropriate for the day. Lighter colored blazers and shoes…like the daytime…can brighten up your face and demeanor. This outfit is perfect for a lunch date and you can wear the same ripped jeans without a problem!


Example 3: This is a laid back outfit that can be worn with heals or your favorite pair of Toms, or combat books. An infinity scarf, crew neck sweater, and a warm jacket will keep you warm and stylish this winter.

With this being said…pull those ripped jeans back out and have them embrace this beautiful fall weather.

Happy transitioning!

Sarai Thompson

What do you get when you mix youth, fashion, and enthusiasm into one? You get Sarai Thompson! I'm a Senior at Georgia State University ambitious and goal driven. I am a first generation Jamaican American, born in Boston, and Atlanta is my playground.

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