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1 Garb, 3 Looks: The Coatigan


While cooler weather is inevitable so is the need to put on heavy layers to stay warm. I am very sweater adverse, yet I live in the Midwest. In my current arsenal of fall clothes there are a lot of coats/jackets, but very few sweaters. However, this could all change. The new fall trend for 2015 is the coatigan,which is born of a half-coat and half-cardigan; a fashion-trend that was conceived perfectly for me. The coatigan has the styling of a coat, but the weight and softness of a cardigan.


Think of the coatigan as the ultimate top-layering piece for your wardrobe this season. To help you become a little bit more comfortable with the coatigan. I have complied 3 different looks that can be accomplish with this one simple piece.

 The Garb 

Striped Coatigan – Topshop – $105




Look 1

Allow your summer shorts to transition with you into the cooler months.


The Coatigan copy

Look 2

Who says the coatigan has to only act as a layering piece? Turn it into the main wardrobing piece by adding some tights and a belts, now you have a dress.

 The Coatigan 2 copy

Look 3

Make your casual wear cooler by allowing the coatigan to act as a piece of interest within your outfit.

 The Coatigan 3 copy


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