1 Garb, 3 Looks: The Pom Pom Hat

The pom pom hat is a fun accessory to have if you want to add an urban twist to your outfit.  Typically, a woman who is dressed  for comfort would find no qualms in throwing on a cap and heading out the door.  The pom pom hat proves that you can execute a look for comfort as well as a dressy look and still be stylish.  This trend unfortunately resembled the ‘fitted cap and high-heels‘ era that was introduced in the 2000’s.  What set’s the two styles apart is the mini furball that is place on the crown of the cap.  When wore right, you can show off different fashionable looks.  Check out three ways to wear a pom pom cap.

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pom pom hat kontrol mag

Look #1

The best part of a pom pom hat is that you don’t have to do much to make the look work.  Pair the hat with a denim jumper, stilettos and a bold lip.

Pom pom hat 1 garb 3 looks Kontrol mag 3

Look # 2

Kim Kardashian capitalized off of the matching solids trend.  Have some fun with a look that should be conservative, by matching your pom pom hat with an all tan ensemble.

  Pom pom hat 1 garb 3 looks Kontrol mag

Look # 3

For the ultimate comfortable look, throw on a pair of sweats, a T-shirt and a matching moto jacket.  Let the finishing touch be your pom pom hat.

Pom pom hat 1 garb 3 looks Kontrol mag 2

Photo Credit for featured image: Duckie Confetti

Marsha Badger

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