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$1 Makeup…Try it!

$1 Makeup…Try it!

Yes, you can still look good and save money. Read more for $1 makeup you need!


You can find great things at a reasonable price. If you are a makeup junkie or simply a makeup lover, you know that everything that cost a lot is not always good. Sometimes you can feel played for buying a particular item when there is a cheaper option. Today, we will look into the cheaper options. The cost per item of makeup is $1. Do not be alarmed, the pros definitely blast the cons away when it comes to $1 makeup you need in your life.


First, check your local Dollar Tree. Everything there is $1. EVERYTHING. Sometimes, you may come across a makeup brand that is in other stores for much higher prices. Sadly, you cannot test the items out in store. The major downside to Dollar Tree is the fact that there are no testers. That’s fine because you will only be out of $1 if the makeup is not your cup of tea.


Next, try bargain bins at major stores. Sometimes, they will have a specific and centralized location for severely marked down makeup. The makeup may be behind in colors, but seek and find anyway.


If those options don’t do it for you, try online shopping. Yes, there are makeup items avail online for $1. You do not have to place a bid, just place the item in your cart. It’s just like regular shopping, but you get more bang for your buck.



You do not have to drop $15 or more for nice lashes. With lashes this inexpensive, you can change up your look everyday for a month. It really is just more money in your pocket to buy more makeup.

$1 Lashes


Don’t you hate it when you have to reply your expensive lipstick all day? Eventually, the tube will be gone in no time. The feeling can be devastating, especially when comparing price and how long the lipstick lasts. If you pay $1 and it runs out, you won’t have to spend an arm and leg to get a great lip.

$1 Lipstick


Nothing like a good curled lash. Mascara can help curl and define your lashes. Why spend more money than needed. The online dollar makeup locations have great mascara options. Try to go for a travel size so it can fit in the biggest or smallest bag you have.

$1 mascara

Eye Shadow

You just simply cannot beat getting three colors for the price of $1. This is a great option for someone that is new to the world of eye shadows. Would you really want to practice your technique with a $50 palette? Even if you are an expert, would you really want to use that $50 palette everyday? Just think about how many palettes you would use up and the cost.

$1 Eye shadow

These are just a few examples of the makeup available for $1. You can also buy tools for the same price. Who wouldn’t love an eyelash curler for a good price. Plus, you can purchase brushes for your makeup and only spend $1 each. Some of the top online retailers are Wish, iKateHouse, ShopMissA, and Makeoop. You just have to search for more retailers, but finding $1 makeup is not hard. Happy Shopping!


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