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10 Things Every Fashionista Should Know About Anna Wintour

10 Things Every Fashionista Should Know About Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, a name you can say without giving a description or bio as to who this incredible woman is. But if you stumbled upon this post and have no clue who Anna Wintour is then let us tell you before we start. Anna Wintour is the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue, and is basically the ‘Fashion Bible.’ Now if you did not know before reading this, then maybe you should revaluate if you’re really into fashion. Anyways Anna is definitely a woman millions would love to spend a day, shoot even a minute with the Fashion God. Luckily for us Anna Wintour filmed her own 73 Questions Segment where she answered questions about herself where we can get to know the Editor-in-Chief a little bit more.



10. Breakfast and Anna’s Office

For starters in Anna Wintour’s office the longest thing she has had in there in her desk, must be extremely sturdy and vintage because she has not changed desk since working for Vogue. Then like any other fashion writer/editor her favorite thing to have with her breakfast is Starbucks. Talk about a no brainer.


9. The one fashion word she wishes everyone would stop using

Journey, Ladies and Gents if you every run into Anna Wintour please do not use the word jounrey when discussing fashion. I can only imagine the face she would make after stating the word in her presence.

8. Longest Accessories Anna owns

Her Necklaces! If you have time when watching the video of Anna Wintour answering the 73 questions she is wearing a beautiful statement necklace, and there is no doubt her accessories are nothing short of amazing.

7. A Garb she’s had for the longest.

Again like any other shopaholic she simply cannot remember what clothing she has had for the longest, but who’d blame her? She’s the Editor-in-Chief of the #1 Fashion Magazine. When would she have time to to remember that?

6. Favorite Season in New York City?


Spring! Anna Wintour loves Spring in New York City and it is clear when finding out she loves lace and fur. Two fashion trends that are great for the spring season, especially in the big apple.

5. What is the first thing Anna notices about a person?

Their smile.  Before meeting Anna remember to brush your teeth, floss, whiten, and pop a mint your mouth because first impressions are EVERYTHING.

4. Best Vacation Spot?

Home. So sweet for her to state, I guess it is true home is where the heart. What better place would be to take a vacation then home? Well, maybe India since Anna Wintour has never been there but would love to visit.

3. Best part of her job as Editor-In-Chief


The People. Anna loves her staff and enjoys each and every one of them because they make her job ever lasting.

2. What type of phone does Anna Wintour have?

A Flip Phone! Well she did before swithcing to an Iphone since many wanted to make a big deal about her using a $15 Flip Phone.

1. What is something she would NEVER wear

Head to Toe Black.


The sad thing is that I love black and I think all black is extremely sleek and sexy, but according to Anna Wintour it is definitely a no go for her. If you want to Keep Kontrol of your Kloset make sure to incorporate color!

Well there you have it Kontrol Readers. The top 10 things every fashionista should know about Anna Wintour from her 73 question interview. Make sure to check out the video below.

Everything About Vogue’s Anna Wintour in 73 Questions


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