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20 Amazingly Fun Date Ideas

In today’s world, it can be extremely difficult to manage our dating lives. After all, life’s daily grind itself is often time-consuming and mentally exhausting. With less time for creativity, planning a date typically results in playing it safe.
Yet what is safe is also commonplace, and commonplace is rarely fun.The average date entails a conversation or two over dinner, which may or may not also include a movie. But getting to know your partner doesn’t have to be so drab or unoriginal.


There lies an entire world of untapped potential within the avant-garde. And it often leads us to discover things about ourselves and our partner that we hadn’t known. During these occasions, we connect most with one another while appreciating life. We also tend to discover shared interests during this crucial bonding time. This is why dates are important for a healthy relationship. To this end, we’ve included a few amazingly fun date ideas below. Besides, isn’t it better to enjoy your time together rather than be conventional?


1. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride


A hot air balloon ride may sound like a date set for thrillseekers, but it can be a beautiful thing to enjoy. There’s something marvelous about taking in the breathtaking views from the skies above. You can even pack a picnic basket filled with delectable goodies. A little caution is advised for those afraid of heights, but at least you’ll have someone to comfort you.


2. Join a cooking class


Not everyone knows how to cook, but that’s exactly what makes this date so much fun. You and your partner get to enjoy each other’s company while learning a useful skill. You might even take home a few recipes for your next dinner.


3. Impromptu movie


Get spontaneous and just see whichever movie is playing when you arrive.


4. Visit an art gallery


Taking in a bit of culture is an excellent way to get more acquainted with your date, and art galleries have plenty of culture. You’ll also learn more about each other’s inner nature as you contemplate the meanings behind a painting or two.


5. Go to a Wine Tasting


You don’t need a sophisticated palate to enjoy this date. After all, a wine tasting is meant to educate. A tasting at a vineyard also usually comes complete with beautiful scenery, and it’s worth every sip.


6. Take up dancing lessons


Be it ballroom dancing or the tango, throw on a nice dress or jacket and get close and comfortable with your date through the power of dance.


7. Karaoke bar


Even if you don’t know how to sing, you can still have a great date here. Singing at a karaoke bar can make us feel vulnerable, but it’s a great opportunity for growth. Singing in public shows courage and it’s an excellent way to convey your feelings for each other through song.


8. Water balloon fight


Who says kids should have all the fun? You can too! These slippery duels are best enjoyed in a yard or at a local park. Just make sure not to nuke any bystanders by accident.


9. Mountaintop Picnic


This isn’t your oh-so-typical picnic. Find a trail that leads to a flat area on the top of the mountain. And once you’re there take in the view with a wonderful meal.


10. Pub Crawl


Hit up as many bars across town as you can before getting sloshed. No driving though!


11. Dress each other up


Playing dress-up isn’t just for children’s tea parties. Go out and choose outfits for each other. No matter how silly you might look, wear what’s chosen for you to dinner.


12. Create a work of art together


Release your inner Picasso with a collaboration. It’ll be amazing to see what you and your partner can come up with. The only thing is…who gets to keep the art?


13. Pottery class


You may not be in a Patrick Swayze film but that doesn’t stop you from getting handsy — literally. Making pottery requires a fine touch, one that may come in useful later on in the night.


14. Coffee shop hide-and-seek


Café’s don’t have to be boring. Add a twist of adventure to your coffee with this date. Chose a coffee shop in town and hide there. If your date doesn’t find you in 30 minutes send them your location, and whatever you two order is on them.


15. Make music together…literally


Get creative and write a song together. Even if you don’t know how to play an instrument you can still have a blast. Who knows what you’ll come up with? I’d play it by ear though. Ba-da-bing!


16. Explore the deep blue


Find a place that offers scuba diving lessons and have fun down below.


17. Live lavishly for the night


You don’t have to be wealthy to experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous. You can rent pretty much anything from exotic cars to tuxes. Do so, but also create backstories for each other. Your night may even have a fairytale ending.


18. Become tourists for a day


This one takes a lot of planning. Book a flight to a city neither one of you have been to before. Spend the day sightseeing and taking in a bit of culture. If you plan on taking a change of clothes you might want to book a hotel as well.


19. Create a seven-course meal from scratch


Spend the day shopping for fresh ingredients for dinner. You can visit your local farmers market for that. Make it even more interesting by only purchasing what’s in season.


20. Road trip anyone?


This one comes complete with tunes and the open road. Take a long drive to a distant city and get to know each other along the way.




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