2016 Year of the Classic Man

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As time progresses and trends come and go there comes a time in every young man’s life where he decides to finally come into his own style. Guy’s we’ve all been there before, remember wearing the baggy pants with the long white T-shirts or the color coordinated scrunch socks to match your polo shirt. Lol Yes, those were the days trying to fit in where you can get in, even if it meant going broke trying to buy the latest Air Jordan’s. As the year comes to a close 2015 introduced a lot of new trends some good and bad but one trend in particular is making a huge splash into the New Year. Gentlemen’s wear or otherwise known as the classic man style is making a comeback to 2016.

Being introduced to the urban hip-hop community first by legendary artist Andre 3000 of OutKast and the self-proclaimed ultimate Gentleman himself Fonzworth Bentley in the early 2000’s  to now New artist Jidenna, the classic man style movement has become a popular trend for young men in 2015 moving into 2016. With more than 10,000 posts in blogs dedicated to showcasing urban vintage lifestyle, design, fashion, art, music and accessories more young men are styling themselves accordingly to the latest trend in men’s fashion. Guys are no longer sporting baggy clothes or tight jeans “thank God” lol, but are going for a more fitted put together look. The fitted polo and matching pants along with the right gold watch accessory and fitted cap or top hat style is making waves into the New Year.  Celebrities as well can be seen embracing the classic man trend, from musical artists Pharrell and Future rocking the top hat, to The Game mimicking Jidena’s look for Halloween and not to mention the countless Instagram/Tumblr posts of young men styled from head to toe in fine gentlemen’s wear. The classic man trend is sure to stay for the New Year. -EffYeahMark!

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