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Advantage Gambling Techniques And Which Are Worth Trying

Advantage Gambling Techniques And Which Are Worth Trying

Most players, while gambling, do so with a major mathematical disadvantage. After all, the odds remain stacked against them constantly. In online casino games, such as newcasinos-ca.com/casinos/real-money/, this disadvantage is derived from the differences between the odds of payout and the odds of becoming a winner. Advantage gamblers know that they should only place their bets with a definite mathematical advantage.

Gambling Techniques

What is Advantage Gambling?

The techniques used to have the mathematical edge are known as advantage gambling techniques. It is a mark of an expert player. You can learn it as well with some practice. Here are some of the advantage gambling techniques that are worth a shot.

Expertise in Poker Play

The easiest way of getting an edge while gambling is playing poker at the expert level. It is no secret that poker needs skill, and this is how experts get that edge: they put their money in the pot when they get an evident mathematical edge. Now, consider a simple fact. If you have ever played poker with zero rakes, such as a house game, with eight different players, you will break even on a long-term basis if the players have the same level of skill as you. But if you ever play a game where you are more skilled than all the other players, you are going to earn long-term profits.

Say, you are playing a game with a five percent rake taken from every pot. Now, you not only need to edge past the other players, but you need to win in a way that’s enough to make up for the small pots you are winning. As a matter of fact, if you ever play a game with a rake and eight players who have the same skills as you, everyone is going to steadily lose money on a long-term basis. Becoming an experienced poker player needs a lot, but experts agree that it begins with being an aggressive and tight player. It means folding most hands, but while deciding to play any hand, you need to bet and raise along with it. When you only put money in a pot when there is a good chance of getting the best hand, and you get that combined with putting an amount in when you do, the edge is yours. Check also who can be considered a proficient casino player and how to become one.

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Blackjack’s Card Counting Technique

Typically, blackjack comes with a house edge of less than three percent – at least that’s how most players play. However, if you can master the basic strategy, this edge can be cut between 0.5 to 1 percent. The most basic strategy is simply the mathematically correct move in each blackjack situation.

However, if the house continues to have an edge, even when it is lower than normal, you do not have the edge. It can be called advantage gambling when you have that advantage over the ones playing against you – be it any other player or the casino itself. Counting cards is the most commonly used way to get that edge over a casino. The unique features of blackjack make it the kind of game where you can start gambling with a major advantage.

Given below are the two main reasons why card counting can work:

  • You are paid off at three to two each time you have a two-card hand of twenty-one;
  • The deck composition changes when the cards are dealt.

Consider This:

The sole way to get a two-card hand of twenty-one in blackjack is to have a ten and an ace. If you get all the other cards of the deck apart from the ten and aces, you will be in a situation where you have a natural. When the blackjack hands are played, the lower cards tend to disproportionately outnumber the higher cards, and vice versa. It can be tracked just by assigning the running tally of +1 or –1 for low cards and high cards, respectively.

So, for instance, you can subtract one from the count each time you have a ten or an ace. You can add one to that count each time you get anything from 2 to 6.

In case you bet more while you have the chance to get the 3 to 2 payouts, you make blackjack the kind of game where you get the edge of 1 percent or maybe a bit more over the casino, instead of letting the casino have an edge of 1 percent.

The chief issue with card counting is that it is seen as cheating in most casinos. You will be barred from playing if you are caught in the act. In fact, you may even get banned from the casino completely. Now, card counting is not the most difficult thing to do, but it isn’t the easiest job either. But anyone who gets a bit of practice in this department can pull off the stunt. Read also about Tilman Fertitta’s Golden Nugget casino launching sports betting.

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Hole Carding Technique in Blackjack and any Other Card Game

You can also get that edge at blackjack by noting the hole card of the dealer. The hole card of the dealer refers to the face-down card. When you use a mirror or any kind of device to spot a card, you are basically cheating. Advantage play and cheating are not the same thing. However, if the dealer accidentally exposes the whole card, and you smartly spot the card and make the most of the opportunity, you can’t be blamed.

You are simply relying on the best piece of information to have an edge over that casino. Hole carding tends to be a common thing in blackjack, though it is also used by players to get an edge at the other card games. You can try the same technique for Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker.

Shuffle Tracking Method in Blackjack

Shuffle tracking is the technique where you start tracking particular cards or decks of cards through the process of shuffling. It is most commonly seen in blackjack, though shuffle tracking finds its application in other card games at the casino as well. Shuffle tracking is easy to use in games that have a simple shuffling process. It makes shuffle tracking much more efficient in games with six to eight decks being dealt at a time. The irony is that you want fewer decks for card counting. However, shuffle tracking is the way to improve your present card counting method as well.

Shuffle Tracking for the Team

You will also see people using it as an effective team technique. In a team, you count the section of the deck, also known as a ‘zone.’ As you get the zone that has the advantage for you, i.e., it is rich in tens and aces, you have the chance to change the bet size when the cards are going to get dealt from the said zone.


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