24 Kilates x ASICS GEL-Respector 2016 “Virgin Extra”

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In time for the New Year renowned Spanish sneaker shop 24 Kilates celebrates its 1oth year anniversary collaborating with popular shoe brand ASICS on a new GEL-Respector shoe for 2016 respectively and coincidentally named “Virgin Extra”. The 24 Kilates x ASICS GEL-Respector “Virgin Extra” creatively fueled and inspired by Extra Virgin Olive Oil, includes the coloration of green, tan, and purple that are supposed to represent the colors of raw Arbequina olives before they are cold pressed to make the versatile healthy olive oil. Drawing inspiration from one of Spain’s top exports is what makes this shoe unique on top of the cool innovative ASICS shoe design which makes it all come together. The shoe is built with premium leather throughout giving that high quality look and feel ASICS is known well for. The sneakers are also special packaged including an olive oil leaf hang tag and a bottle of premium olive oil all within a brown burlap sack with the “Virgin Extra” name in big bold print along with the ASICS stamp. This cool sneaker collaboration is set to release on January 9th exclusively in-store at 24 Kilates in Barcelona, Spain and their new Bangkok, Thailand location. However, the shoe will also be released at select ASICS Tiger retail locations worldwide the following week. Get into this dope sneaker collab guy’s ASICS are hot, and have been hot since 201x lol and they’re just getting hotter. Check them out! – EffYeahMark

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