3 Bawse Divas That Dated Famous Men for The Ultimate Glow Up

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What do Bawse Divas Draya Michele, Karrueche Tran, and Blac Chyna have in common? All three have famous men linked to their name, and unfortunately failed relationships. Say what you will about Draya, Chyna, and Karrueche, they didn’t allow their publicly failed relationships with famous men to be the demise of their existence. Instead they dropped their male baggage, and reclaimed their names.

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Photo Courtesy: Instagram @drayamichele

Draya Michelle (The Comeback Queen)

Draya Michelle took centerstage on Basketball Wives LA, not labled as an ex-wife or a girlfriend, but to play the never been wifed jump-off. With an endless list of rumored men linked to her name, from athletes, to her short stint as the boo of Chris Brown — “slut” became her well known name.

Draya was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, leaving her young son at home alone, to moonlight as a professional stripper. The public scrutiny and ridicule, was horrific!

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You can’t keep a bawse down for long! Draya dissed the Basketball Wives franchise, cleaned her image up, and went from trashy to classy. Draya, with her successful company, Mint Swim and an endless list of endorsements, has branded herself as a formidable and savvy business woman.

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Photo Courtesy: Complex Magazine

Karreuche Tran (Never Let Them See You Cry)

Like a soap opera, we watched the tumultuous relationship of Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown.  There were accusations of abuse and infidelity.

Karrueche was constantly judged by the media and public for staying with C.B. for so long.  Until, the unforgivable happened, Chris Brown had a baby on her, with a chick running within her circle. Hell, that would’ve been enough for any woman to have a nervous breakdown.

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Photo Courtesy: Claws TNT

Karrueche bawsed up! She went from being the doormat arm candy to Hollywood’s It Girl. Along with countless magazine covers, red carpet appearances, and a hit show, “Claws” on TNT, she is a forced to be reckoned with.

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Blac Chyna (The Get Money Maverick)

Love her or hate her, you will respect her hustle. Blac Chyna, was just known as the Baby Moma, of Tyga, and was publicly humiliated. After their breakup, Tyga flipped script and started dating her supposedly bestfriend’s (Khloe) kid sister, Kylie Jenner. It looked like an L for Chyna.

Chyna’s cold and calculated maneuver, of infaltrating the Kardashian clan’s finances, through the heart and sadly the tears of Rob Kardashian, was a win!


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Photo Courtesy: Instagram @blacchyna

Chyna, is now a thriving entrepreneur, launching Lashed by Black Chyna, and the proprietor of a beauty bar offering makeup courses. Yes, it took a special heartless bawse to do what she did. But hey, the ex-King of Diamond’s stripper, ain’t gotta’ dance no more, she make money moves (in my Cardi B voice).

In Conclusion…

Draya, Chyna, and Karrueche, have proven to all women that no matter the circumstances, if you’ve been dragged for filfth by an ex, or feel your world has come to an end because you no longer have the title of girlfriend or wife. It is Never Ever so bad, that you can’t put your crown back on, hold your head up high, and bounce back as a Bawse!


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